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01-29-2021 at 01:27 PM
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Jace Hall show recordings of Bill Jones wrs on Defender & Stargate to TG members!

1. Does Twin Galaxies have in their possession the VHS tapes or DVD's of the of the Tournament World Records from the arcade shooting games Defender and Stargate? They were verified TG referee's
2. Will you let Twin Galaxies members view them and will make it transfer it to digital?
3. Twin Galaxies verification says by VHS/ DVD one of them.
4. Who were the Twin Galaxies referee's who verified the Tournament World Records from arcade shooting games Defender and Stargate? @Jace Hall show the video recordings that is in your possession of Bill Jones arcade tournament world records on Defender & Stargate that can be seen by all Twin Galaxies members?


Points Tournament- Baiter Hunting Allowed


  1. redelf's Avatar

    There is no video. Even if there was it wouldn't be worth watching. From what I've heard from some friends is that his defender and stargate skills aren't very good. Without cheating his scores wouldn't be very high. Both tracks are trash and will never be competed on again.

    Should create new tracks that use same rules as the main marathon tracks but limit to 5 lives and then delete the corrupted existing tracks.

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