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02-14-2021 at 01:03 PM
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A 2 minor mistakes on creating Spy Hunter with bugs/glitches being allowed to be used by players.

1. My mistake on the description: Description should have been Points- Bugs/glitches are allowed to be used.
2. Rules were right: Dip switch game settings, are the same as the original Spy Hunter TG rules
men to start the game,bonus men per.
3. Platform-> Ok: Arcade
4. Game-> Ok: Spy Hunter stand up ok both would be better (Sit-down is less physically taxing on a players body versus stand up version that is more taxing on body especially the legs)Paul Dean played on the sit-down version of Spy Hunter with wr score of 9.5 plus million points no video no pictures that I know about.
5. Scoring type -> Ok: Integer
6. Ranking-> Ok: Highest
7. Mistake on putting in the description in the rules.
Also, not explaining how to do the bug trick on Spy Hunter properly, it was incomplete and should have been put in Additional Information part.

I was trying to help a fellow TG member Timonthy Kinkead a masterful player on arcade game Spy Hunter.

I wanted to see how high of a score ,that a player can achieve using these glitches/bugs on Spy Hunter.

Their are a few video game Tracks that were created by TG members like allowing leeching on a game, using Game Genie on SMB, playing a video , with their pet dog sitting in there lap, to name few that come to mind.

TG member Timonthy Kinkead got his track created for arcade game Spy Hunter.

Things worked itself out in the end. God bless you all. Happy Valentines day

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    I believe this has already been fixed. You can see the TG track here. I know this version needed some help and i'm not a spy hunter expert so i'm not gonna blindly claim the rules are perfect but i see no issues. is there something wrong with the glitch track as it exists here now?


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    Oh, yes, I see that now...thanks everyone!

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