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03-29-2021 at 07:00 AM
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Tell TG members who was the Twin Galaxies referee Paul Deans 9,512,590 Spy Hunter?

@Jace Hall 1. Jace Hall can you find out the TG referee on Paul Deans Spy Hunter TG wr 9,512,590 at the VGMT event 1985, 36 years ago?

Back then the TG referee and Walter Day did not know enough about Spy Hunter that Paul Dean used the GLITCH that disable certain enemies therefore altered the game play of Spy Hunter and MADE SPY HUNTER EASY TO SCORE HIGHER.

  1. datagod's Avatar

    Hi JJT,

    That is difficult statement to make. "Back then the TG referee and Walter Day did not know enough..."

    You might believe it, and you free to make that statement, but unless you asked them yourself you will not know what they knew or believed at the time.

    Scot Adams (Dilbert fame) calls this Loserthink(tm). We are not mind readers, so we should not make statements about what somebody was thinking.

    Thanks, glad to see you are still passionate and submitting.

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