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04-24-2021 at 04:50 AM
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Evercade is making a retro console for your TV called the VS 7

It accepts the same cartridges as the handheld, but there’s a catch

The Evercade handheld that released in 2020 can connect to your TV through its Mini HDMI port, but its 4.3-inch screen proves it was designed more for retro gaming on the go. Now, there’s a version of the Evercade just for your TV. It’s called the Evercade VS, and it can output retro games at 1080p, delivering “top-of-the-line emulation,” with support for up to four wired USB controllers for multiplayer in games. It’ll cost $99.99 when it launches on November 3rd, 2021, and preorders start on May 28th, 2021.


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    Reads great for many and sounds like a winner, handheld to big screen continuing the game at home brilliant...

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