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10-15-2021 at 07:24 PM
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Admin Staff my credibility has gone up at all why?

@admin staff about time it has been at 29477 all day and I have adjudicated almost a 100 video game submissions

It staying the same/. odd!??
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    For me it says you have 29,504 credibility

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    Quote Originally Posted by evan04


    For me it says you have 29,504 credibility

    Same here.

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    <p>At the start of the day Friday it was my Credibility:29477 from 2 pm est. all the way till 9 pm then it went up I had adjudicated a 100. Plus my Submission stayed the same, which I forgot to mention.</p><p>And 6 months ago the 2 unknown 5% credibility lost on 2 submission not in my wrong votes archives but then appeared the 2 and I got penalized again oh well it what it it is that is life, got to move forward,</p><p>[QUOTE=evan04;bt74211]</p><p>[MENTION=23963]JJT_Defender[/MENTION]</p><p>[B]For me it says you have[/b][color=blue][B] 29,504[/color][/b] [b]credibility[/b]</p><p>[/QUOTE]</p>
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