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10-20-2021 at 12:25 PM
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I forgot to vote NO Al Birman video game submission 50 million Oh well oops!

10-18-2021, 02:34 AM
Intellivision Master submitted a score Intellivision - Venture - NTSC/PAL - Skill 1 - 50,486,860 - AL Birman in -Not Accepted

  1. Intellivision Master's Avatar

    Sorry Defender !!!

    Won't happen again from me!

  2. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    <p>Np problem that was my fault I just forgot to unvote and vote no.</p><p>[QUOTE=Intellivision Master;bt74492]</p><p>Sorry Defender !!!</p><p>Won&#39;t happen again from me!</p><p>[/QUOTE]</p>
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