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11-03-2021 at 03:18 PM
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Here some helpful tips for all Twin Galaxies members when you are video recording.

You own the system or arcade U TG member can show it, takes only a few seconds.1. Always show game console system, game disk/ cartridge or on a arcade game, show control panel, buttons, joystick, PCB CPU Dip Switch Game Settings-> make sure you get a clear closeup of the dips.
either at the beginning the end.
2. Always do a bootup on/off on console systems & arcade to.
3. Always show a clear complete video recording of your game play from game settings like difficulty, stage, course, track, level etc. and include the start of your game play to the final results, it is a good policy to get clear close-up of the final results.
4. For MAME always put in your wolfmame INP and a complete recording of your game recording uploaded to Twin Galaxies. also, make sure you TURN OFF NVRAM that will cause problems and be rejected. No save states only 1 attempt per MAME submission.
5. Some video game submissions need to verify that they are using a PAL or NTSC game console system and game disk/ cartridge to ensure they are following the rules for the video game submission that they are submitting either be for NTSC or PAL.
#1 It is best to physically show the back of the console system getting a CLEAR CLOSE-UP of model # and were it says PAL/ NTSC Region Europe Japan, South America, US then show the game disk/ cartridge were it says the name of the game along with PAL or NTSC.
#2 Next, a transformer if you either in the US to play PAL or Europe to play NTSC games.
#3 Like the Xbox when turned ON in the menu whether you are using PAL or NTSC. on others your TV will show that it is either a PAL or NTSC.

The more evidence the better leave NO DOUBT, QUESTIONS or ISSUES.

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    You can disable NVRAM by going in to your wolfmame directory and changing it to 'nul' then press the ' Ctrl' and 'S' keys to save.

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