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01-01-2017 at 06:58 AM
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eight bits ****-Wall Entry at 01-01-2017 09:44 AM

i took a small break this weekend and put up a few new 8 bit scores and a few records. always fun to hit the old computers every so often. i received pinball for the coco in the mail on friday but it needed 2 joysticks to play so once i had that out why not bring out some others that i had collected a few games for. oh and now that im posting i see i have completely not setup the jaguar and played those new games. maybe thats going to happen right now.

happy new year everyone and a huge thank you for all who have watched my submissions and who have voted. i greatly appreciate all of you taking the time to judge my submissions, give your opinions and help me improve on what i can.

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  1. jmb's Avatar
    why was 8 bit starred out? ****, eight bit, byte, ****. goofy ass censoring.
    sorry, the title of my post started out with 8 bit and no spaces. looks like i started a pissed off post with S*hit or F*uck but i didnt. just eight bits.
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    Lol. I had a Coco3 in the mid eighties.
    That was enough to make me curse...I wanted a Commodore...
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    You were lucky, i had a coco 1 and had to piggyback solder the extra ram to get i think 16k. i loved that machine, especially the editor assembler cart.
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    I was probably 10 or 11 years old, had to go to "gifted" classes, and had experience on almost every computer(C-64, TRS80, TI99(?), Apples, etc...)except the Coco, and no one else I knew had it. I was an outcast, lol.
    I remember Dragon Fire, and I remember programming a sequence of colors flashing(took ALL day...was a big letdown...), that's about it.
    I was probably too young/inexperienced to appreciate it, to be fair.
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