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12-26-2017 at 02:54 AM
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Old submissions are hanging around

I don't like to bump my submissions but I am going to start doing some of the old ones since I've reached 3 pages that are still waiting approval.
  1. RaGeNyC's Avatar
    Bump away, man..

    That "rogue score bumper" (lol..I know his intentions are good) is actually making it worse, in my opinion. He's bumping way too many scores all at once. He's "burying" a lot of submissions when he does it..which is a lot lately. Especially your subs, John, which are quickies. I think most adjudicators go for them first, since they're quick to view...But they're not seeing them, since they'll be pages back within a 24 hour period. 72 hours? Lost in time.
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  2. Snowflake's Avatar
    The issue with bumps is if everyone does it there are no bumps leads to an arms race. Unfortunately yes once one person does it across the board it forces others hands as well. I’ve noticed more than half the queue is very old submissions that will never get approved for various reasons but no one wants to risk cred so they just sit there. Bumps aren’t gonna get people to stop abstaining. I wish there was time out where super old submissions would auto cancel
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  3. Blackflag82's Avatar
    I disagree on this- for me, in 50+ pages of submissions, old submissions are often just things ive missed...if I take a few days break from viewing submissions then those are buried permanently without a bump. Has nothing to do with it being a questionable submission. I just looked at a random page in the 30s and only one of those subs was something I'm unsure of how to vote on.

    i second rage's comment
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  4. Siliconian's Avatar
    I have bumped my old submissions sometimes twice and still in queue, my Big Mutha Truckers scores is easy to ajudicate, like Hytule Warriors Legends too.

    I have 3 old Angry Birds submissions waiting to be approved, the others are recent!
  5. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    I always work through the submission queue back to front, so I go to the LAST page and adjudicate from there.

    I even adjudicated Almighty Dreadlock's fastest perfect Pac-Man scores after having passed them up numerous times due to a lack of surety about the adjudication itself (and no INP analysis).

    Anyway, bump away because you're not aggressive about it and you have a high submission volume. There's someone who would bump every few days (nerd jock I think) and it was absolutely ridiculous.

    I've been guilty of bumping a submission that was less than a month old, but Timmell mentioned recently that a month was a good standard unit of time to wait between submission and successive bumps.
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  6. datagod's Avatar
    I too adjudicate the oldest submissions first. It helps two fold. They have a higher chance of being closed soon after thanks to the latest vote, and commenting on them is a form of bumping without simply saying "bumping".
  7. Snowflake's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by datagod
    I too adjudicate the oldest submissions first. It helps two fold. They have a higher chance of being closed soon after thanks to the latest vote, and commenting on them is a form of bumping without simply saying "bumping".
    well yeah but thats different. thats actually voting on something you havent voted on before. the way i try to help my submissions go through faster is by voting on others. way i see it is, getting other subs out of the queue makes it more likely people will get to mine.
  8. Desidious's Avatar
    I miss the days when my Android submissions would take about a week. I'm going to hate to see the queue when I start heavy submitting again.
  9. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    I'm definitely adjudicating crazy hard, knowing I'm jonesing for a good blast of console submissions and it'll be coming soon.

    I promised myself I would adjudicate as hard as possible until January 1, then all my MGL runs and new console runs will start coming in.

    Like the tides...
  10. EVN's Avatar
    I went through and looked at your stuff today. All look fine to me. Whats the deal with this one:

    Ive seen the drama thread about what was done here. I assume you are cool with it?
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