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02-23-2018 at 09:00 PM
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Hey, where's the PAL?

On older systems like this there is a high probablity there is a PAL version that can be tracked so double please remember to add NTSC when you create new ones so we don't have to go back and fix the titles.

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    Hi John - I'm aware that this game was released in both NTSC and PAL. When I launched the MOWE Tournament I, I selected a game that was both cross platform (PS2 and Xbox) and global (NTSC and PAL). Only competitors with PS2 NTSC versions signed up for the tournament. If I had some PAL or Xbox competitors, I would have invested submission points to add those version of the games and tracks on the leaderboard.

    It was an oversight on my part to not include the regional format in the track description. I'll request to have the administration fix it. On a related note, I don't think the best way to distinguish region settings is in the track description. There should be a mandatory field is the new track creation form itself for older platforms where regional versions exists. It is also easier from a database design to have a separate field for future user interface such as regional filtering and customized leader boards. Perhaps this will happen sometime in the future but I will work with what is available.
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    Thanks for the response and information. The only reason I brought it up was I had an idea that maybe I would submit for the PAL tracks then noticed I probably couldn't because there wasn't a region in the track. Since there wasn't a designation then anyone could legitimately submit a PAL recording competing with the NTSC submissions so I wanted to bring that up before it got messy. I didn't realize that this was setup for a tournament but I'm guessing after it's over it will still be there as a regular track that anyone can submit to.

    I totally agree there should be a region in the track table which I would imagine would take quite a lot of work for the TG staff to implement at this point. Probably on the bottom of the list.
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    I requested the fix on the admin's scoreboard error's wall. Tag me if you looking for submission point donors to set-up the PAL version of this game. I'll gladly donate some points for the cause. It's actually a good game it you can tune out the announcers. : )
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    Oh and I forgot.... the MOWE Tournament ends on Wednesday, February 28th @ 11:59pm EST. I can fund the PAL version of the game on PS2 if you want to join the competition. There's a total of 15 events that we are all competing on. For the tournament, all scores are compared without regard to regional or platform differences. Let me know either way and I will set-up the PAL tracks and get you off and running.
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    I don't plan on it in the near future but it did look like a well made and fun game that I will try out. That's funny, the first thing i noticed were the annoying announcers voices. There has to be a way to shut those guys up. I thought I saw that option in one of the videos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmb
    I don't plan on it in the near future but it did look like a well made and fun game that I will try out. That's funny, the first thing i noticed were the annoying announcers voices. There has to be a way to shut those guys up. I thought I saw that option in one of the videos.
    Unlocked a mystery for me-
    Wife keeps thinking I am playing Tiger Woods golf(haven't played/owned it in 15 years), I couldn't figure out how Olympics sounded like golf'

    The Announcers, haha!
    One of those guys does sound a bit like David Feherty.
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    Yes, now that you mention it, happy gilmore. That's the only golf commentating I can think I've ever heard.
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    I know it's off topic, was just talking about that game with Brother in Law a couple days ago-we used to shoot 25/30 under(fairway eagles!), he says I was the guy to beat, I don't really remember.

    One thing I DO remember-when your Golfer was fully built-up, you had to play from the tips for good scores, to accommodate your golfers natural club distance, seriously.
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    For awhile, I would religiously play Tiger Woods 2004. It was actually the first game I submitted anything for when I joined Twin Galaxies 10 years ago. The top scores for the easy settings are between 30-33 under par. Many of the par 4 are within driving distance from the tee box and in some cases, need to use a 3 or 5 wood to not overshoot the green.
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    Hehe-St. Andrews from the front Tees, that one is hard NOT to drive the green!

    I was hesitant to say 25/30 under, didn't sound realistic to me(weird attention-deficit-I remember the oddest things, and forget easy ones...), but he swears, so nice to know we were at least close!

    Also don't remember all the mechanics of the game, but pretty sure we did everything manually that could be done manually, "the hard way"-that started with NASCAR games when I figured out that there's just no way you can go as fast with "assists" than without.
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