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02-17-2018 at 08:58 PM
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Two player game score submissions

Sorry if I've missed it, but has there been any official announcement from Twin Galaxies on fixing or upgrading the process for two player game submissions.

The current system is far from ideal, and if I understand it and have done it correctly, I had to register a new user name for the pairing of myself and another player for a 2 player game submission. I've only put in one score so far, but under the current system I need to log in under this "new" account for our team and adjudicate to get submission points if I want to submit more 2 player scores.

The current system is bad on so many levels, just hoping that a discussion can be opened so that this can be addressed and corrected.

A couple of things that are needed IMO:

1. Submissions should be able to be made under either of the players, but a field needs to be added for the 2nd player - maybe a drop down list of all current players on the database.

2. ESI for either player should not change as a result of 2 player submissions, but perhaps a separate team ESI could be created for unique pairs of players.

I'm sure there are lots of other things to figure out. Add your 2 cents and hopefully TG can let us know where the 2 player submission system is on their list of priorities.
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    This is definitely on the list. "Grouping" in general is something that we want to tackle.
    @admin staff may be able to provide more insight in regard to where this is on the list relative to all the other engineering priorities they have.
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