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10-13-2018 at 04:22 PM
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Ice Cold Beer Marathon In Progress....

The "official" Ice Cold Beer World Record has gone down "unofficially". Rasmus, who currently sits in 2nd place on the Twin Galxies official list - - has now crossed the 16 hour mark of his maraton.

Shortly after the 16 hour mark, Ras was at 1,135,700 points, having just completed his 1,994th hole. He has so far an impressive 76 lives reserved which will allow for breaks when necessary.... he hasn't take a break yet!

Back on 19 March 2015, Rass scored 1,826,980 points on Ice Cold Beer, playing for 29˝ hours. Unfortunately video of the score was lost and his score could never be officially added to the Twin Galaxies database.

Rass plans to keep this game going for some time, feel free to jump in the stream and give him some support.

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  1. John73's Avatar

    Minutes ago, 1,792,720.... 3,150 holes and nearly 27 hours later Ras is still at it. Getting close to beating his PB (and the unofficial World Record). Plenty of lives in reserve.

    This record is gonna take some beating.

    Good luck Ras.

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  2. John73's Avatar

    Ras' unoffical WR has gone down.... Still going, goal for the moment is 2 Million.. Will he keep going?

  3. John73's Avatar

    Game over 2,087,070 sometime during the night when I was asleep :)

    Congrats Rasmus.

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  4. Muerto's Avatar

    Thanks for the write up John!
    We had a blast this weekend, and Rasmus was super pleased with his performance! - I was too, because of his achievement, and because the machine didn't break down!!! :)


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