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01-08-2019 at 07:06 AM
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Country of players

I seem to remember when I first joined Twin Galaxies that the scoreboard showed the country that the player was from.

What chance is there that this could be reinstated?

I think it would be cool to see country rankings from a competitive point of view - maybe total ESI for a country divided by the number of registered players from that country - or even total ESI divided by a the latest available figures of a countries population.

Apart from that, I've recently have people ask me if there is a list available of all of the record holders from Australia - it could be useful to easily rank players from a nation attending organised events.

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    more information is better. I understand fear of clutter, so it might need to be hidden under an advanced settings options so as not to overwhelm new users, but yeah, in some form that'd be nice.

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