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02-25-2019 at 01:53 AM
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How can we found new platforms?

Just noticed that Raspberry Pi is a platform, but for some reason, there is still no dedicated platform for the multiboards - 60-1 probably being the most widely used.

60-1 is not MAME, it is not Arcade - the games do not always emulate correctly - so is there anyway to add this as a platform?

There are already tracks founded under arcade (xxx in 1) sub category - it doesn't belong with arcade, just as Raspberry Pi isn't lumped in with MAME.

Anyone from TG?

I'll happy accumulate submission points and add all the games, the currently rulesets under XXX in 1 are a complete mess and it's probably stopping people from submitting.

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    I created a track under Arcade for 1942 that specifically allows for multi-boards and knock-off boards. I have a counterfit 1932, [MENTION=43850]bensweeneyonbass[/MENTION] had access to a 60 in 1 board. We both competed and he proved to be the better player.

    60 in 1, 192 in 1, 600 in 1, etc. boards all run emulators including very old versions of mame). The platform is still arcade, just not "original PCB" arcade. I suggest you make a track specifically for each game you want to compete on, and in the rules be very specific with which boards (I suggest all) yo want to allow.

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    I’m actually fine viewing it as arcade. I mean no you can’t one of these to submit to an original track but I have no problem treating it as a rerelease like it currently is

    Even still the question is good. New platforms are rarely but sometimes needed. So far it’s beej handled case by case and maybe that’s good enough but maybe a better option exists. Curious to see how this conversation goes

    Oh to bolster your argument even though I see the other side consider Jrok. It’s a seperate platform

    I’d aksi like to see Neo Geo split. It really is it’s own thing

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