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03-22-2019 at 06:37 AM
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Gala-Gala - Battle of the Hemispheres (Galaga Competition)

This event will be happening at Pincadia - Brisbane, Australia on the weekend of May 25-26.

Attending top players will include (based on Galaga TGTS/Galaga Forum Rankings):

1. Mike Thompson
3. Jordan Dorrington
5. Andrew Barrow
6. Phil Day
25. John McAllister
46. Dwayne Richard

This tournament will be live streamed on

This will be, in terms of prize money and top ranked players, the largest classic arcade tournament ever hosted in Australia.

This competition is a special format largely devised by former Galaga TGTS WR holder Phil Day. It's an exciting format which will find the top player based on skill, point pressing and strategy rather than being able to play for the longest time. This is Galaga on steroids.

Anyone wanting to attend, please email me:

  1. Marco1019's Avatar

    This sounds amazing! I would really like to feature this event on a future episode of my Twitch show, Retro With Marco. I had the pleasure of speaking with @Mike Thompson after he set the new Galaga WR and it was both entertaining and informative.

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