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02-01-2019 at 04:37 PM
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Frustrations with my PC

I'm absolutely livid right now; being stupid as I am, I accidentally pressed "yes" to a pop up asking if I wanted to open all my .exe files with certain emulator. I misunderstood completely the pop ups question, because it was phrased differently with my native language than it is in English.

Next thing I know all my .exe files are disfunctional and can't even open them. Naturally I used every trick in the book to try and get them running again, but to no use. Regedit would have maybe helped solve the issue, but I couldn't get it open cause regedit is .exe file in itself. Also my command prompt was totally useless as well.

In the end I had to raise my hands and give up, my computer wouldn't even let me clean-install my system from settings, so I had to do it via troubleshoot menu.

All my personal files will be saved, but losing the programs really irritates me. Some of them cost money, and I'm not sure I can get them back.

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    Uninstall the emulator, if you can. You should then be able to run things normally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    Uninstall the emulator, if you can. You should then be able to run things normally.

    Yea, I tried that, but somehow my computer had decided to make all .exe files/programs nonexistent anyways. I got everything running again and fortunately had still licenses on my email for program installments.

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    Seems like I remember having trouble with a file association issue taking over my PC with an SNES EMU, probably a decade ago, can't remember details-somehow fixed it myself after likely several days, lol, but I remember it being a big bummer at the time, was definitely an"open all files with" situation.

    Glad it's sorted out, I had a huge crash late last year, lost two years worth of high-score vids, but thankfully the PC is back on track!

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