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02-11-2019 at 11:48 PM
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Question about Playstation records

Can a record for Playstation (1) game be done on Playstation 2 console?

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  1. trivia212005's Avatar

    I've recorded my Nintendo Game Cube games on the Wii so basically yes.

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  2. Fly's Avatar

    I've done it. Just be clear about it. I know speed runs are an issue due to load times being faster on the PS2 though.


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  3. Joonas's Avatar

    Thanks for the insight. Rumours have it that in the future the PS5 could possibly run games of all previous PS systems; but I would guess the load times are faster on that also.

  4. GibGirl's Avatar

    Consoles that have hardware backward compatibility are always accepted at TG for submissions.

    For a long time software back compatibility was a no-no but it seems there is some of that now - see Xbox 360 games on Xbox One.

  5. timmell's Avatar
    This is tricky. Fat Ps2s. Are native and have the same hardware built in

    Slim ps2 emulate, so those are a no go for ps1 subs.
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  6. timmell's Avatar
    Fat Ps2 are good.
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  7. speedy47591's Avatar

    I didn’t even know you could play original play station games on your ps 2 so this potentially opens all kinds of doors depending on which ps 2 I’ve got, so I’ll have to figure that out when I get home. Thank you Joonas for asking, and thank you community for all the helpful answers.

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  8. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by timmell
    This is tricky. Fat Ps2s. Are native and have the same hardware built in Slim ps2 emulate, so those are a no go for ps1 subs.

    Knowing that kind of stuff has kinda became a hobby lately, and I didn't know that, good to know.


  9. timmell's Avatar

    And here is more for the the WIKI!!!!!!

    Playstation 3 also have back comp for PS1

    But only the launch models of the PS3 have native support for PS1 and PS2. Acutal PS1/PS2 hardware built in PS3 motherboard.

    CECHBxx & CECHAxx

    Any other models of PS3 after launch ex, 40/80GB fats, Slim and super slim, are all emulated for the PS1. So don't use those to submit.

  10. adeyblue's Avatar

    Not counting direct feed (where you can't tell which type of PS2 is used, and which are the majority of accepted PS1 subs), PS1 on slim PS2 have been accepted, so no, the type of PS2 doesnt make a difference as far as voters are concerned - i mean, it could hardly be more explicit that he is doing just that in this sub

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