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02-20-2019 at 02:10 AM
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Question about adding tracks

So do the founder(s) of the track get to add variations of the track for free without having to use SP points? For example if a member creates a track for NTSC version, he/she can create PAL variation for free?

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    Track Details

    I am a track founder and I would like to add derivative tracks under my established tracks at no submission point cost.

    Yes, Joonas you Can Add Derivative Tracks for Free at No Cost Submission,if you are the Track Founder.As it States above.

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    Yes, as long as the rules are exactly the same.

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    all above is correct. this had lead to some confusion and elaborate ways to work around intent. the intent is for things like multple levls on angry birgs, or your example of pal/ntsc. you know, when mutiple tracks are just different forms of the same thing and the rules are idenitcal. to make sure derivates are only used in the intended way rules are UNEDITABLE to ensure they are all the same

    this means for example you should NOT but "ntsc" in the rule description, only the title, since the rules are the same for all. It also means angry bird tracks shouldnt include the level in the rules.

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    Good to know. Since I live in Europe I mainly use PAL versions; but there are many tracks/games created by twin galaxies that have only NTSC records, so most of the time I'd have to create a PAL derivation myself. The thing is I don't always agree with the track rules TG has put, more specifically the use of "default" as the only rule is not always right way to go. On the other hand I would think that it would just seem a bit silly if the PAL derivation of the track created by me had more precise rules.

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