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04-19-2019 at 12:23 PM
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About tracks

I'm thinking about creating separate Grand Prix mode fastest lap tracks on Formula 1 97, to go with the Time Attack ones. The driving is very different in them, so Grand Prix would serve to more authentic driving and also GP mode has some extra race tracks. I know that I'm gonna probably be the only one submitting, but just wanted to ask whether it would get too cluttered. I mean Mario Kart has like over 100 tracks, this would be like half the amount of that.

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  1. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Hey, don't go hating on the Mario Kart games Sr., they are completely innocent.

    You can create as many tracks as a game needs, of course it is recommended that you submit scores to those tracks and not just create them, and the tracks need to have clear rules or TG staff could remove that privilege from you, like it happened with JJT. And thank the baby Jesus for that.

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  2. GibGirl's Avatar

    This did remind me to go add something to the feature request page on the wiki, to go with something I'd already put on there. Better ways to propose creating sets of new tracks in theses cases, along with better ways to display them in the leaderboards.

    After all, if you've got a racing game with, say, 25 courses that all need to have similar tracks, isn't the way we have to create them way too time consuming, one at a time? And the way they're shown is so awkward too, when they should be grouped together and presented in a better way...

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  3. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    Gran Turismo 3A Spec has over 1000 tracks (NTSC & PAL). I wouldn't worry about track clutter or dilution. Its good etiquette to submit to tracks you create and it will help populate the scoreboard. If its important to you, I support it.

    When I first found Twin Galaxies over 10 years ago, I was curious about the records for PS2 Tiger Woods 2004. I was disappointed to find out that almost all the tracks created had no submissions. I almost left the site for good as I couldn't see how the 'World Record' on a fairly popular game was 'nothing'. I stuck around long enough to cut through the hyperbole and embrace it for what it is, a group of folks interested in comparing video game accomplishments.

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  4. Joonas's Avatar

    Haha, yeah I will definetly submit to all those tracks I create. After playing through all the modes in the game, I feel like Grand Prix is the one people would submit to more likely, and it's in line with Formula 1 (1995). I will try to think the ruleset soon; so all people who have intrest in becoming track founders on the game, keep a look out on the New Track Marketplace soon.

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  5. Barthax's Avatar

    "Do your own thing". Two questions that are required: "is it measurable?" "Does it involve a video game?"

    You can't please everyone but if you find there's something that you feel is worth while keeping a track record of (even a max-out that everyone will match), go for it.

    If you don't create them:

    "You're just making claims you can't back up."

    "Prove it."

    Then when you do something there will always be someone that can point the finger and say "that shouldn't happen".

    "You shouldn't create tracks that you don't submit to."

    "You shouldn't create more than one track for any game."

    "You shouldn't divide the difficulties 'cause it's all one game."

    "You shouldn't dilute the scoreboard."

    ... then when do submit something you'll get the downers:

    "You're just trying to get the most world records."

    "You're not trying to concentrate on getting one good performance."

    "You're just spamming the scoreboard."

    Someone will whinge no matter which way you choose. **** 'em. The creative element is a part of the scoreboard: enjoy it. ;)

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  6. Joonas's Avatar

    I've now created a Grand Prix track, for anyone wanting to be a co-founder, here is a link to the marketplace:

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