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04-30-2019 at 03:58 AM
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What do you collect besides gaming stuff?

I'm interested in hearing what do you guys collect besides gaming related stuff. Do you collect movies/movie memorabilia, books, comics, sports memorabilia or some other collectibles?

Also do you specifically try to acquire signed collectibles?

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  1. nads's Avatar

    Ive been a collector since i was very little, main things like postage Stamps, Star Wars Figures, KISS Memorablia.

    But what Ive kept up with are HOTWHEEL cars, I only go for the rare and hard to find.

    I'm not into real cars but its just something about those little models that has kept going for the last 16 years.

    Just a couple of days ago i decided it was time time catalogue them, Lucky for me I had a little helper in my Son Aiden who is 2 and a half and he likes to count!.

    Anyway after 350 plus we stopped.. just as well as I found another 3 in the local supermarket same afternoon!

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  2. Desidious's Avatar

    I don't even have any room to collect other stuff unless it's the occasional funko pop.. even then they are game related.

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    for most of my life, just games. however i did go through a magic phase and still have most of my stuff -- ive sold off some of $30-$100 stuff the past two years to pay for my draft (yup i've been playing magic for free of the sales).

    I hate signatures, i love the art, i see the artist signature as ruining the pristine condition every bit as much as i'd view some random person scribbling on it. for magic, signatures are so easy to get, and so many cards are got through trading its more of an issue than elsewhere. i've had to go out of my way to avoid sigs and seek out not signature versions.

    oh and i do love any toy from my childhood. so i have things like transformers, but i got them before they were collectibles, i've considered collecting them now after the fact, but never have. i have however bought some old alf cards that i use to like and the old nintendo scratch cards.

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  4. kernzyp's Avatar

    Iron Maiden records :)

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  5. Joonas's Avatar

    I appreciate signatures, except the ones that are "personal", like "To Peter from xxx"; makes me feel like I have an item that belongs to someone else.

    I've only collected movies and some books besides games. I've contemplated getting into comics, but not sure where to start.

    Also @Desidious mentioned Funko Pops, and I know more members have them. I've never quite understood the interest in collecting them, do people see them cool looking or something?

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  6. Ragequit's Avatar

    I do collect comics. I have wolverine #1, my most prized possession lol.

  7. kernzyp's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragequit

    I do collect comics. I have wolverine #1, my most prized possession lol.

    Keep it away from moisture and sunlight :)
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  8. trivia212005's Avatar

    Here's what I collect:

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

    Playing Cards


    Board Games

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  9. sdwyer138's Avatar

    I collect the repercussions of poor life choices

  10. Snowflake's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by sdwyer138

    I collect the repercussions of poor life choices

    i saw your video game room, thats all i need to know that your choices net a pretty good positive

  11. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by nads

    Ive been a collector since i was very little, main things like postage Stamps, Star Wars Figures, KISS Memorablia.

    But what Ive kept up with are HOTWHEEL cars, I only go for the rare and hard to find.

    I'm not into real cars but its just something about those little models that has kept going for the last 16 years.

    Just a couple of days ago i decided it was time time catalogue them, Lucky for me I had a little helper in my Son Aiden who is 2 and a half and he likes to count!.

    Anyway after 350 plus we stopped.. just as well as I found another 3 in the local supermarket same afternoon!

    Wow, I had no idea!

    Only recently started keeping the Hot Wheels myself, I do like the Trophy Hunt, but mostly get cars I think are "neat", as opposed to value(kinda dumb, I know!). I like Twin Mills and Rally Cats.

    Just got a Gran Turismo pace car a few days ago, that is pretty neat!

    Not quite the same thing, but I do have dozens and dozens of boxed NASCAR cars, mostly Jimmie Johnson, my guess is a few of those are valuable, Jimmie rookie cars, Jeff Gordon Chromilusion car(that one is awesome!).

    KISS memorabilia?

    I had no idea, that takes the cake!

    I got some neat KISS stories, I'll PM you sometime.


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  12. Kelly Kerr's Avatar

    vinyl records

    fuzz pedals



    modular synth stuff

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  13. SincerelyFranny's Avatar

    General Fandom knick-knacks.

    I used to collect the DC Green Lantern Blackest Night Action Figures pretty avidly... but unfortunately lost many of those during a move. T-T Luckily I still have my favorites. I cried when I found the Atrocitus at a collectible show. (Third row down on one of my many bookshelves)

    Now-a day, It's mostly cutesy stuff related to video games, anime, and comic books. I'm a sucker for chibi characters and plushies - especially the expensive hard to find ones. The thrill of the hunt is always pretty exciting. :)

    I do not organize my collectible in any specific order... The just generally bring me joy to look at everyday.

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  14. datagod's Avatar

    I collect odd and interesting things. I can spend hours giving people a tour of my treasures. I have a scorpion, a baby shark, a 3.7cm anti-aircraft shell from WWII (turned into artwork by a german soldier who was in a Russian POW camp). I have the Donkey Kong Jr. control panel that Richie Knucles holds up in King of Arcades. I have Walter Day's commemorative necklace from King of Kong. I have a Katana from WWII (Japanese Calvary). Lots of stuff.

  15. Retro-Shark's Avatar

    I'm a gamer, its obligatory that I collect gaming related merchandise. Also being a comic fan but never wanted to feel incomplete by buying late issue #300 of whatever I never collected comics until Archie released the Mega Man series and I began since the beginning. They axed the series after issue #55, sad at the time but looking on the bright side I can say I own the entire comic series and all variant covers and special issues going over 150+ from just 55 unique issues!

    Besides that I went on a Transformers rampage when I began work for a bit at Toys R Us (During the time they were releasing the awesome Cybertron games along with related toys as well). I've stopped collecting since their "titans return" line. But now I've begun collecting playing cards from the (you guessed it) Transformers TCG. Haven't missed any yet but woc seems to be trying their darn hardest to make some of the cards just be plain unobtainable with every new wave which will eventually have me stop collecting altogether if I miss even one.

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  16. RTM's Avatar

    Where do I begin ? I stopped adding to my art collection and have since sold off 40% of it with more to go...I'll keep maybe 2% of it by the time that I am done.

    Lately my focus is vintage non-sports trading cards, a hobby that I gave up back in 1987 but picked up again in late 2005 as a means to cope with the passing of my beloved pet cat "Rusty".

    Besides that, I have a small collection of 15-16 different variations of the David Morrell novel "First Blood", mostly cover variations but also earlier versions and hardcovers plus limited editions...and David actually signed 13 of these when I met him several years ago at a NYC authors convention after contacting him first via Facebook to ask him to verify a version that was purportedly Persian but he shot that one down as fraudulent and when he found out about my small collection he agreed to meet me there to sign the books as he was one of the event organizers.

    I have a small collection of limited edition casino chips as well, a hobby that is largely in hiatus as I focus on the trading cards.

    Beyond THAT, I collect my favourite films and TV shows on DVD and have a nearly complete collection of all my wants save for titles still in theatres or not yet out on DVD. My sole outstanding want list items would be "Akira" (1988) with the ORIGINAL english cast dubbing, the TV series "The Practice" which oddly is only available on DVD for seasons 1, 2 and 8, and a low-brow cancelled TV series called "Unhappily Ever After" which was never released on DVD to my knowledge.

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  17. RTM's Avatar

    Here's a sample from my small "First Blood" collection just in case you never saw what the "Rambo" novels looked like before

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  18. RTM's Avatar

    Here is a sample of some casino chips within my collection. These are part of the "Emperor's Collection" and I borrowed this pic from Ebay as I also have the next highest chip ($100 face value) but did not bother with the chips that were even higher ($500 and up).

    Also here for illustrative purposes only is a limited edition casino set...only 30 of the highest valued chip was minted and more of each progressively lower value.

    These are fun to collect and relatively easy to maintain in specially designed chip binders with 20-pocket pages.

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  19. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Almost stayed out of sharing, most everyone knows my non-gaming collection, seemed redundant, but...



    Was a more diverse hobby for me in the beginning, I collected invertebrates of all kinds, exotic(and native)mantises, millipedes, centipedes(I have a video on youtube of a Vietnamese Giant going up my arm...that was BAAAD!), Assassin bugs(friggin cool!), true spiders(kept a female Widow almost it's entire life-cycle. Scared the crap out of me!!!), but really I only keep the T's anymore, mebbe a handful of hissing roaches(all males, no more breeding, thank God).

    My "bugs that eat bugs" collection got so large at one point that buying crickets to feed them with was very non-cost-effective solution, and I had to start breeding the darned things, lol!

    My collection is "down" to 37 now, but I've bred them a few times and have been up to 200+ specimens at one time, counting spiderlings in small deli cups-it really got out of control(I've never made a dime off of bugs, BTW).

    I either bred the spiders I have, or for the most part got them as young as they could possibly be sold, thumbnail-size down to much smaller, almost invisibly small-I haven't really gotten many new ones the last couple of years, and have had a run of several males aging-out, so I'm pretty sure my collection now is stabilized to mostly long-lived females-very generic numbers(we don't really know-captive life for most specimens is still very new), but a male lives three or four years to a females 15 or 20. I actually keep mostly Avicularia species(more on that in a sec), which are the shortest lived Tarantulas, so more is know about them than some other species.

    I keep mostly Avicularia species, "Pink-Toe" spiders. "Pink Toe" is a common term used to describe a species of (mostly)South American Tarantulas, that spend their lives in the trees, as opposed to the ground(arboreal), sharing the trait of(usually)pink-tipped legs.

    They have a very low venom toxicity, and are among the fastest spiders, but can be handled with patience and caution(not by me...).

    I have less than a dozen terrestrial spiders(ones that live on or in the ground), Green-Bottle-Blue(the one that got me into the hobby-I'm scared of spiders, but it was sooo pretty!), some Brachypelmas(curlyhair). My most valuable may be a Grammastola pulchra, basically a solid black rose-hair, quite rare.

    Abovementioned are all "New World"-North/South America, outlying islands.

    I also have a few "Old World" Tarantulas, basically anywhere not New World-Asia/Africa/Australia, etc.

    Biggest real difference is, as a whole, Old World T's will make you probably go to the doctor if they bite you, lol(I've never been/never will be bitten-not cocky, I'm just afraid enough to use proper caution, all the time, every time).

    Three Arboreals, all Pocilitheria-a regalis and two metallica's.

    The regalis is the "standard of the breed", grey and black, beautiful-and toxic as heck, lol.

    The metallicas are also rare, possibly/probably as or more valuable than the pulchra mentioned above(I don't keep up w/ value).

    They are thought to possibly be extinct in the wild, from habitat destruction-they are rumored to possibly exist on that island that India allows to go unchecked by the tribesmen there, but it's not like anyone can go there and check, lol!

    Lastly, the OBT, one of my very first spiders.

    Ground spider, from Africa.


    Orange Bitey Thing.

    Wants to bite you, and has a bite that will seriously hurt you.

    Fun, Fun.


  20. Snowflake's Avatar

    oh i alsmot forget a few years back my buddy and i were wondering if fancy pants alcohol is even worth it. we decided to experiment with some of the more pricey stuff. but of course, any good experiment wants to only mess with you a few variables at a time, so since we knew johnny walker had expensive blue label and cheap red label we figured that was a good apples to apples comparison to see if the price made a different.

    at first we thought they only had the red,black and blue, but we quickly learned just how many labels the johnny walker line alone has. i have all, including ones only sold in duty free stores, and the now out of print gold label (not to be confused with gold reserve), i'm also missing the ridiculously several hundred dollar label, and the silver label that i believe is only available in korea

    to fully keep the pretentiousness up, i got some waterford crystal glasses to drink it out of (which you can see my pour my bawls into on feelings and stuff), my wife got me a matching decanter for a wedding gift, and recently bought a matching tray.

    sadly as fun as it is too pretentious, in the end i learned no, the extra money is not truly worth it. its good i guess, if i enjoy cheap stuff better thats a good thing rigth? so i've also taken to saving my empty captain morgans cannon blast

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