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12-03-2020 at 05:25 AM
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2020 Peer Choice Awards

It’s time for the 5th annual peer choice award! I understand that this annual thread is the brainchild of @Marcade, and I my only intention is to keep it going in his absence. The moment of his return this will return to his hands. No torch has been passed, I am simply holding it for a season, waiting to hand it back…

2020 has been a rough year in many ways, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reflect back on the many positives in the TG community. I look forward to celebrating along with you all the people and performances that stood out as the best this year. Vote away!!!


2020 Gamer of the Year - (Arcade/MAME)

2020 Gamer of the Year - (Consoles/PC)

2020 Rookie of the Year - (Must be a new member in the year 2020, as per your profile page)

2020 Prolific Gamer - ( Most creative, innovated, most entertaining submission videos to watch)

2020 Contributor of the Year - ( A positive influence and growth to the community, via forum, blogs, adjudicating, providing dispute evidence, etc.)

2020 Performance of the Year - (On any specific game submission already accepted)

2020 Comeback Gamer of the Year - (a blast from the past, now currently active once again)


- You may only choose one gamer per category. (No ties/double entries)
- You may not vote for yourself.
- All votes are 100% full transparency on this thread only. No PM's allowed, nor from outside social media sources.
- Deadline for voting is January 1st, 2021- Midnight (EST) (I will post the final tally shortly after New Years day. With 6 kids I don't want to promise too much by making it date specific.)
- If you decide to change your mind within the deadline, you may do so as often as you like. (Just make note of an edit update)
- Reasons or details of your choices are strictly optional, if you so choose to disclose explanations and rationale.

Remember the most important rule: This is simply for fun and bragging rights only.

The 2019 link


The 2018 link


The 2017 link:


The 2016 link:

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  1. sdwyer138's Avatar

    2020 Rookie of the Year - (Must be a new member in the year 2020, as per your profile page)

    Luigi Ruffolo

    2020 Comeback Gamer of the Year - (a blast from the past, now currently active once again)

    Scott Stilphen

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    contributer of the year -- The Evener. His research is second to none. My vote is to him, however, i feel JWillard himself should be mentioned, so sorry while i've given my vote to the evener, perhaps others will consider voting for you. I've noticed for a while how quickly you've made TG your home. You're not afraid to argue, but you're aware you dont know it all, you take to time to learn, and your polite. You have that balance of confidence and humility. The large amount of adjudications are of course themselves important as you've shown not just quality but quantity in your contributions and this very thread shows a desire to be invovled and keep the place strong

    for rookie of the year and comeback gamer i agree with sean, luigi and scott have my vote unless someone nominates someone else i forgot about.

    mame/arcade gamer of the year -- barra. my logic could be viewed as bias but i see it as greater context yes i'm taking offsite into account. barra is without doubt a legitimate TG mame player so I think is of not when someone who isnt merely technically a member (has an account) but a true TG regular proves offsite that TG players are on top. His win of the $3,000 castle kong (which is clearly inspired by donkey kong) i think speaks to arcade/mama TG players strenghts. so yes that was offsite, but his win offsite said alot about our on site competition. https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/223450-Atari-400-800-XL-XE-Pharaoh-s-Curse-Points-4-865-Scott-Stilphen?p=1101921#post1101921

    I would also like to propose two new categories that i'll make my own thread as it could grow contentious/political in which case i'll drop my proposal, or hopefully is taken well. TG is predominantly males from countries with english as a first language. I'd like to consider attempts to reach out more to both woman as well as anyone, male or female, from non english speaking countries. and yes i have people in mind for each category but first i wanna make sure such a thing would be well received. please give me a few minutes to launch my own thread on that before turning this thread into an argument on that ponit

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    https://www.twingalaxies.com/blog.php?bt=64048#comment64048 for discussion on if my suggested new categories will do more good than harm

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  4. JWillard's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    I would also like to propose two new categories

    I didn't want to step on too many toes, but I thought about adding some categories. I'll check out your thread and respond there. I had also thought about adding 'adjudicator of the year' designed to honor those who put in the work of not only voting, but doing so in a way that serves the community well

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  5. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    https://www.twingalaxies.com/blog.php?bt=64048#comment64048 for discussion on if my suggested new categories will do more good than harm

    If people were so caught up on offending people, we wouldn't have ****. Offend away.

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  6. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    Rookie of the year: Luigi Ruffalo

    Lots of new tracks, lots of submissions, lots of records.

    Prolific Gamer: Poco Blair

    The only one whose videos I watch from start to end even when there are irrelevant runs all throughout. Always fun, sometimes a story, sometimes emotion, and you don't want to miss a funny quip by skipping through any of it.

    Console Gamer of the Year: Greg Degeneffe

    I honestly believe that the only reason why he isnt on the top of every ESI chart is because he hasnt bothered to get to them ... yet. Masters games that nobody has mastered and been able to prove it, and nearly every submission is a record on a leaderboard that is actively competitive.

    Comeback Gamer: Scott Stilphen

    One of the oldest members (not eldest, rather, most tenured), comes back after a long hiatus and immediately tears up the leaderboards.

    Contributor of the year: William Rosa

    One of the (if not *the*) most active participants at TG. Brings a great perspective to process discussion, very entertaining, ruffles feathers if that's what it takes to make the organization better, fearless think tank, adjudicates and submits frequently.

    I'll decide later for Arcade/MAME GOTY and Performance of the Year. Too many to choose from at the moment.

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  7. Barthax's Avatar

    Rookie of the year: Luigi Ruffalo

    Has fit into the TG vibe so quickly, already feels like he's been here years.

    Prolific Gamer: Ryan Genno

    Picks up a system & gives everything a shot.

    Console Gamer of the Year: Hector Rodriguez

    Seems like if he picks up a game, it's mastered.

    Comeback Gamer: Scott Stilphen

    Ancient member, welcome back. Nice to see only a minor controversy here & there. ;)

    Contributor Of The Year: The Evener

    Erstwhile history digger.

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  8. speedy47591's Avatar

    Consoles/pc-ryan genno. I enjoyed the back and forth we had on several of the capcom classics titles. The man has continued to show a versatility that we all aspire to.

    rookie-luigi. I simply dont know how or where he finds the time to make the contributions that he does.

    comeback-bugmann. when I first joined twin galaxies, I studied the leaderboards alot cause I wanted to know who I was up against. Him and dwyer were the only two players I was ever jealous of--it was the headware. with my fat lumpy skull, I can never find a hat that fits, so when he started making submissions again, it was like, he races in a fashion fitting of his spectacular hat. I became a huge fan, not just of his style, but also his ability.

    contributor-barthax. When I first started here he made some very helpful suggestions for recording handheld systems (gba and ds). he shared a spreadsheet of different pinball games. I was able to take that spreadsheet to amazon and ebay and pick through to find things in my price range, so he has been very instrumental in my growth beyond mobile gaming. a couple months back I was helping a client download games on his 360 and he asked a question that I didnt know the answer to, so I asked the community here. and who do you think answered?--barthax. When you go out of your way to help people that arent even part of the community like he did, it makes it very easy to go "yes, I am a part of twin galaxies" and thats how this place will continue to grow. He does all of this for other people, and still has had the time to have more world records than anyone else here. Its amazing, and appreciated.

    prolific--roger poco. he gets nominated every year cause he deserves it every year. Its as simple as that.

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  9. Barra's Avatar

    2020 Gamer of the Year - (Arcade/MAME)
    @JasonV91 for temporarily knocking me down a spot in the MAME ESI rankings :) (and obviously for his outstanding all-around skill on this platform!)

    2020 Rookie of the Year
    @Luigi Ruffolo - seems like you've been around a lot longer than a year :)

    2020 Performance of the Year
    Tough one but I vote for @Jordan Dorrington's galaga which broke both the marathon and tournament records in the same game - https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/213361-Arcade-Galaga-Points-Marathon-20-980-450-Jordan-Dorrington

    Honorable mention here is @Nondrowsy and his epic pole position score:

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  10. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    2020 Gamer of the Year - (Consoles/PC) - Andrew Mee

    2020 Rookie of the Year - To me this one is a tie - Les Rayner / Ulisses Lima

    2020 Prolific Gamer - Ryann Geno

    2020 Contributor of the Year - Garrett Holland

    2020 Comeback Gamer of the Year - Scott Stilphen

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