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08-22-2018 at 03:59 PM
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Mame submission Help and How to

Ok. I'm playing MAME again. Got all geared up with Wolfmame. How do I submit a score? Do I just point the camera in from the computer screen just like I would when doing console games? I keep seeing something about a file that needs to be submitted? Can anyone help? Im not the best at this computer stuff. I just know how to move the joystick and shoot....
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    Hello Kelly!

    Welcome to Twin Galaxies! Upon verifying your account, you are awarded one "free" submission to submit any high score performance of your choosing.

    All score performance need to be accompanied by video evidence. Usually the standard for submission videos require you to show the start of of your machine, the settings you are playing on and your complete non-interrupted performance. (From the beginning of your run to the final score screen) If you are required to show anything else it will be listed in the rules.

    The community is also very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to things like this. If you are looking for more information on a specific game or additional files that can be attached to submissions, feel free to post it on your wall.

    Additionally if you post a submission and you are missing anything you can always add more evidence during its adjudication period. The community can comment on your submission and will request additional evidence if they see fit. All adjudications are peer reviewed.

    I hope this answers your questions. Please let us know if there is anything else you need help with. :)

    Have fun!

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    Hi Kelly, figured I should jump in with a quick word before you get too far in any direction. Spoiler... it's not so quick after all.

    The MAME(#) section is a bit of a complex beast, and much as our admin team don't want it to be niche, by its very architecture, MAME is different to most other platforms and needs to be recognised and respected as such.
    The recent Billy Mitchell episode should be enough evidence of that! But I digress...

    The primary evidence for the MAME platform has been the INP(*) file - all other platforms (far as I'm aware) can only rely on video. This alone makes the MAME platform unique.

    The INP is basically a system recording of your performance created by MAME, which (all going well) can be played back by anyone as their means of verifying your performance and the settings you used.
    A video of your performance uploaded directly to TG has now become mandatory, but a video cannot tell you many details that need to be verified for rule compliance.

    Depending on your version of WolfMAME, the process to record an INP can vary. Some versions have an interface that is helpful (there are buttons to click!), many of us rely on the command-line (and/or batch files) to do our thing.

    I sense that you are eager to get cracking at the scoreboards... we all were when we started... but I highly recommend becoming more familiar with the workings of WolfMAME. There are quite a few intricacies to navigate, both at the general MAME level and from one game to the next!

    Pretty sure others have posted how-to guides here, or elsewhere in th e-world (ahem!), hopefully someone else can point you in the right direction. If I get some time, I'll have a look around for things you may find useful!

    One last thing about video, you can point a camera at the screen - some of us actually prefer seeing your workspace - but you can also capture video directly from your computer, either at the time of the performance or even after the fact as long as you still have your INP!

    But baby steps, let's get you recording an INP first! Practice lots, expect to make mistakes, don't be afraid to have them called out... it's happened to all of us!

    Hopefully I'm not skipping too far ahead, but some crucial early practice goals should be:
    - learn how to record an INP
    - learn how to playback an INP

    Good luck!

    (#) While it is referred to as the "MAME" platform, the accepted MAME software at TG is a recompiled version called WolfMAME, which contains some integrity measures. Any version is acceptable, but versions earlier than 0.106 are strongly discouraged as it was once the ONLY accepted version.

    (*) earlier versions of WolfMAME also produce a WLF file, 0.106 in particular is still used widely. If available, the WLF must also be zipped with the INP and uploaded as evidence.

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    Welcome Kelly Kerr to twin Galaxy

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    To record your gameplay you can use OBS, Open Broadcast Software. It’s free to download and very easy use. Many of the guys here submit using this.

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    Command lines, ugh...

    Button, Button, I hope you got the button!


    Here's a not wonderful video explaining how to create/find/playback an .inp.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogerpoco

    Command lines, ugh...

    Haha. When I play Nascar 2003 I use the following command lines:

    -poco_audio NUL

    -poco_audio ON

    Here's a good one too:

    -RaGe comments OFF

    Now for some actual content:

    As for video, most use OBS (free) as Nads mentioned.

    You can record your screen with a camera if you prefer, but also give OBS a shot. I find that it's easier and far more efficient for recording, plus should you ever conclude to stream game play, OBS is also a very good option.

    Good luck.

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    I put together a quick start guide that may help you:

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