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Kelly Kerr
09-06-2019 at 11:33 AM
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Mommy, Where do MAME Roms come from?

So where does everyone get their MAME roms from? Im specifically looking for Qbert, Qberts Qubes, and Berzerk. Everytime I download these games the mame progrom tells me they are incomplete. So if you just happen to have working versions of these games and would like to help a brotha out, please hit me up. If you know of a place I can go and get them, please let me know. Thanks!

  1. datagod's Avatar
    depending on the game system that the Rams are for you may have missing supporting chip ROMs. for example to play neo Geo games you need more than just the ROM you need certain other chips or ROMs for the sound ROMs for whatever it's pretty complicated but qbert I think that can be old enough that it should work. let me fix for my archives and see what I have
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  2. lisabutterfly's Avatar

    the way i got a set of ROMs for mame was through's ROM archives; search " mame roms" on google and it will take you to a search page on the archive...

    basically you just download a romset (i did it through an torrent) that matches your version of mame, or get a version of mame that has a romset on archive... [warning: it's many gigabytes for a full romset]

    i have almost a complete set and i use QMC2 (a mame/ROM manager app) to select what i want to play and how to configure each game... i did check and i have multiple versions of Q*bert and one Q*bert's Qubes.

    I'm using mame version mame0193b_64bit because that was the latest romset available at the time i set everything up.

    hope this helps! :)

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