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11-07-2021 at 03:57 PM
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I may be committing blasphemy....

Another worry I've been thinking of, since playing Bomb Jack on Retro Uprising a few years ago, and experiencing the TG arcade settings for the first time, I questioned the record immediately.
I'm sorry, guys, but this is very questionable.
These records were set on Euro settings, not US or TG settings. Once again, unachievable record set within months.
Many have scored 20 million, as I did back then, but never on the hard/hard settings. That was a coin stealer.
Scores from the 80's? Millions.
Scores recently? Less than a million, even though a cabinet is owned. I scored 8 million on these settings as a veteran, with frustrating retraining.
The settings are wrong. These scores are incorrect.
Secondly, I guarantee you, these scores were achieved on the romset "bombjack2", which is what I played.
The earliest release, which is not the set TG requires. The dates prove this. When you got an "S" coin, it said you are "Lucy", then it changed to "Lucky" in set 1, later.
I'm pretty sure, the "Italian Billy Mitchel" @paolo colman will agree, the hard settings are a real problem.

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  1. francoisadt's Avatar

    Hi Kernzy

    Create two more tracks:

    1) US settings (if the settings are different than TG Settings)

    2) Euro Settings

    3) TGTS Settings

    Then raise a dispute so that the dispute process can move it to the correct track. Thats all instead of dropping te score


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  2. Fordy's Avatar

    Well the 2nd score was taken from the magazine C & VG so who knows what settings were used there

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