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01-12-2018 at 09:09 AM
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What are the chances of getting the word "EMU" recognised in the game search?
At the moment, we have to go through every game to see if it has an EMU option.
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  1. danman1234's Avatar
    I asked this a while ago. Must be talking about C64 :)

    Yeah its tough because you play a game and then realize it doesnt have an EMU options (when honestly at this point EVERY c64 title should just have NTSC/PAL and EMU options. Why in the world would they not? Why can't that just be "fixed" and done with.

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  2. kernzyp's Avatar
    For all ports.
    I suggested that also, replicate all games for all three variations. I suppose that's up to us, now.
    I wouldn't mind playing something else. Running out of games to play, and looking for EMU titles is a royal pain in the butt. Seems some ports have hardly any...
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