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05-04-2020 at 01:14 PM
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Oh, wow...

Siliconian is banned?
I'm surprised...
I've missed a lot. Anything else??

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  1. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Last year there was a dispute filed about his Legend of Zelda speed run time, and it led to a deep analysis of it. Other users asked him to provide video of his speed run since he said he had them on tape, but he refused, saying it was too much work to convert them. Despite us suggesting he use a cell phone or something to take video of the actual videos, he refused.

    He later came into the dispute and started ranting and whining about the whole thing. He claimed that we were all 'haters' and trying to make him look bad while still refusing to produce the videos.

    Eventually, the dispute was ruled as valid, and because of a variety of factors, he was banned when he was stripped of all his record.

    The archived dispute topic is right here:

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  2. dustyroms's Avatar

    As I eat my dinner I'm reading and going down the rabbit hole with this one because I love Zelda 1 lol! I remember watching a Game Trailers's Pop Fiction video a few years back and learned about item drops. Unfortunately it never helped me in my casual plays, but it was a lot of fun to learn about the inner workings of the game.

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    There's some corona virus thing going on currently also, things are pretty crazy; don't know if you heard yet...
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    You were banned for a bit you were gone longer than that so no biggie

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