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07-01-2020 at 04:28 PM
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Hey everyone :)

Am I weird when I like it when someone beats my records? It makes me smile hard! :)

I see this commonly, and I like it, lmao!!

MyOwnWorstEnemy JUST BEAT YOUR RECORD!! : Score

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  1. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    I use those notifications as a reminder that I still haven't finished this marathon of a game. I'm at level 27 and all events and cars become available at level 40. Also, happy to swap the top spot back and forth with Kernzp. I learn something new going for each attempt. Even if I don't reclaim the top spot, it usually ends up as a personal best.

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  2. Ninglendo's Avatar

    I wish more people would have that attitude when someone beats their records. I blame chem trails.

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  3. Pearl2hu's Avatar

    i want someone to beat my scores submitted here lol

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  4. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I'm the same, and beating the score back, or trying to, is only if I am still interested in pushing the game, but I'm always tickled to see someone try "just a bit harder" than I did!

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  5. trivia212005's Avatar

    I've gotten plenty of scores beaten. Looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do to get back in the game.

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  6. GibGirl's Avatar

    I'd love it if the notification were a little more clear on what was beat... I'd also even more love a notification when someone submitted a score that beats mine - that would be even MORE fun than just this one.

    But yes, always good to see those notifications!

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  7. Barthax's Avatar

    I've taken to leaving a hint in my signature to remind everyone there's plenty to surpass (especially mine!). I hope when the bounty system arrives, it includes an option for the simplest of prizes: to put up the SP to refund the submitter.

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  8. kernzyp's Avatar

    I just wished I played more. The gamer in me has been murdered. Last time I used MAME I couldn't remember what to type. Sitting here, rolling a smoke on my X-Arcade dual. I was excited to get that, was a good happy day for me. It was snowing, felt like a kids Christmas. Now it's right in front of me, getting drinks spilled on it, getting dusty. Most of the buttons get stuck.
    One day I'll shake this mood off.

    P.s., I wasn't smiling when @Marco1019 beat my C64 Ms. Pac-Man score, though!
    Pure shock!!! :D
    Nice one.

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