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07-29-2020 at 02:42 PM
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Submission problems...

I had four submissions last night get stuck early on. Today, my first went through nice and quickly, then the second got stuck. Now three more got stuck, today. Has TG put limits on submissions in my absence?
I logged out, cleared everything, still hit and miss. Using Duckduckgo.
Anyone else had issues? Is TG turning the screws on me?? ;)
Cheers folks.

  1. Barthax's Avatar

    Your symptoms would help.

    I have noticed (since the introduction of the advanced editor) that you have to wait until the editor has loaded before entering any detail into the form. If you enter the detail before this is loaded, everything looks fine (the text box has no tool bar) and the Submission fails suggesting that nothing was entered. The form is then locked preventing any alteration & the values are displayed where the red highlights suggest they're wrong.

    I have become so used to this symptom I used to put my mouse into the (empty) text box as that seemed to spur on the javascript which introduces the tool bar.

    These days, I've just scripted around/including the problems (not something I'd expect to be a general solution).

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  2. kernzyp's Avatar

    All was working fine, then many failed, now it's 50/50.
    It must be my internet.
    Cheers, dude.

  3. Barthax's Avatar

    Classic of the symptoms I was describing. First the message "Submission message cannot be empty" and the form is frozen in the following state:

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