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08-01-2020 at 04:25 PM
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Ooh yeah! :)

Well done Shaun. You make me toil... ;)

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    Ditto... my feed for the last week had a lot of these...

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    I watched all your Nurburgring times, Shaun, to see where you saved time, and I saw nothing. All perfect laps.
    I found it hard to beat @Barthax 's lap times. I practised before I made the recordings. I think Pete should return!! ;)
    I also find it hard to believe GT isn't more popular. It was a Playstation release game many times.
    Thank TG for you, two! ;)
    I also made a personal mistake. If I challenge a record, I like to do it in the same car, so it's even and fair.
    The first few lap times of Barthax were in the Minolta. I got the Minolta only yesterday, so used it! I beat one of Barthax's times by many seconds, then watched his entry, then realised he used (I think) the 737b. Pete's video's are far too long to look for real info ! Also, since getting a decent few new cars, the B-Spec is now too easy. My driver is trained! :)
    Only got all golds two days ago. That second FR slalom licence almost killed me.

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    Thanks... the Nurburgring is an absolute beast. I'm almost done with the intermediate challenge, all gold except for the last one, the entire lap. The difference in speed on the 2010 AMG and the 1950s car is ridiculous. It changes how you drive the course and where you can get aggressive or stay smooth. The next two challenges are with the same cars but in the rain.. lots of bent fenders and guard rails.

    As for cars, the one Mike uses is unlocked at level 30. Also more race cars are unlocked if you win the endurance events. I'm getting this information from the Reddit page. I'm stuck at level 28 for A Spec.

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    I suppose it's just GB Vs USA in the GT Olympics.
    I'm surprised there are no tracks for the other AMG tracks. The rain ones suckamundo !

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