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04-20-2021 at 02:49 PM
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I spat my drink out, half an hour later...

I think it was the dog sounding voices. Will watch every day to boost my mood. Very funny.

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    Seems I can't post links...

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    Pictures soon to be banned....
    The product of a brainwashed system.

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    I can't believe I am saying this. Me. King of all drama. But dude, I think TG is supposed to be about video games and computers and stuff.

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    Time to chill out with some good music

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    Time to chill out with some good music

    I don't usually do this but we are SHREDDING Billy Mitchell on Spotify

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    Hey Ben, I have a paid Spotify membership. If I listen to your songs, do you get a percentage of my monthly fee? Always wondered how that works.

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    Nah it's not really a one-in, one-out system per se. The input of your fee doesn't even come close to translating to the output to us, the artist. There are a variety of metrics that all have to do with how streaming content is being consumed and marketed. It's pretty bogus. We earned about $200 this past year and last month we had 1,500 streams. 200 by 12 by 1,500 gives us $0.011, or 1.1 cents per listen.

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    "Express your thoughts or share some info... " is what entices us when we post.
    I remember TG changing to, and I hope I'm quoting, here: "more of a" Facebook layout. Never told to post only about game related posts. Sure it's an open platform? Game related is best, obviously.
    As for the post, it was short. Funny dogs talking. Dogs AND talking dogs have been in video games, ;)
    And how dare the complainers respond with MEME's that were not game related. Are you deranged mad men??
    For example, I love and promoted Ben's album. It's awesome. And his band is discussed here and is not game related. The complainers are doing what they complained about in the same thread! Heh, heh...
    If you wanna talk about Spotify, do it there!!
    Come on, it's funny.

    @Jace Hall Am I banned from posting links, dude? I don't mind, that much, as I don't post very often, but a notification would help. If I am, I imagine it's because of my previous post? As far as I'm concerned, it was a public safety warning. If I broke any rules, can you tell me which one, please? And how long is this ban, if it exists?
    Cheers guys. It's been emotional. ;)

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