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05-13-2021 at 02:47 PM
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Submission dismission.....

One thing I don't like about TG, is when a score is accepted, the comments for which are doomed.
Many a decent debate/conversation have been wiped out through acceptance. Comments are made which deserve responses, but it's over already.
If I was in charge and knew how to do it, the thread would stay open until no comments were made for 48 hours. Then the conversation has lost it's appeal. I'm obviously not asking for this to be done, but it would be nicer to finish talking, than to be hung up on by an invisible third party, if you know what I mean...?

So @RaGe , you know Darth Vader was actually a super empath??
The only reason you go to the dark side is to find the light again. Stay in darkness, proves the narcopath.
Turn your lights on dude!! :D

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  1. Alantheace's Avatar

    I like what you say. 48 hours of silence would mean topic is passed and with no fresh questions things moving onwards.

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