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09-22-2021 at 08:21 PM
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Big stuff...

Has anyone here rented an arcade game just to get a world record and achieved it?
I hope so...

  1. RedDawn's Avatar

    Ive never heard of individual arcade games being available for rent.
    Is that a normal thing?
    I found a guy a few years ago that was doing it with pinball machines. I looked a while back and cant find him anymore, but I thought was pretty much his original idea.

    Ive obviously never done it but I would probably be interested, especially If they had somewhat rare/expensive games like Tron, Food Fight, Liberator, or newer games like F&F Supercars, Cruis'n Blast, or the Led Zeppelin Pinball machine. Not having to worry about repair or maintenance would be awesome too.

    If there was a Rampage I could have rented you can bet your ***** I would have.

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  2. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Pinballz Arcade here will rent out their pinball machines and I assume arcade machines too. Though I’m only aware of them renting to bars.

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  3. Blackflag82's Avatar

    I've never rented one.

    But to Reddawn's post:

    There are a bunch of places that have done it in the past, but they are dwindling. Generally called amusement distributers or something along those lines, most that I'm aware of no focus on supplying pool tables and jukeboxes, but a lot still have pinballs, arcades, and ticket machines they rent out.

    In Georgia, it's pretty difficult to cover the state fees to operate coin-ops unless you have a ton. It's actually become a more straightforward process then it used to be and a bit cheaper -

    A bunch of those distributers have hundreds of machines they rent out, so the per machine fees for them are much lower then any individual store or franchise can manage. It's really the only way places like movie theaters and restaurants are able to keep arcade machines around here

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  4. RedDawn's Avatar

    Ok yea im aware of normal amusement services that provide jukes and stuff for businesses. Is that what you were talking about Kernzy?
    No way places like that would have older games like Tron and the ones I mentioned. They may have some of the newer games if you find the right place, and some of them may have things like a pac/galaga cocktail, but I doubt most of these places would rent to an individual and bring it to their home and set it up. It may be worth calling around and checking, but I doubt one would have a ton of luck with those kinds of amusement services.

    That pinball guy I mentioned was geared toward collectors/enthusiasts

    Thats actually a pretty good idea though, an arcade collector using his collection to rent out to private citizens.

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  5. Blackflag82's Avatar

    You might be surprised how many have older games. In my experience, the ones that were in business since the 70s and 80s actually still have a lot of that stuff that got tucked into the back corners of warehouses and rent them out.

    I know of one in Georgia that has a ton from the early 80s that it still rotates in and out of small stores and restaurants throughout the area. According to the owner the restaurants like them because they take up less space and use a lot less electricity, and still generate some pretty good money. He estimated he had about 90-100 still working pre-85 games (that was probably about 7-8 years ago).

    Stuff I saw in stores he supplied that fit that era that I can remember included Mr. Do!, a sit down pole position, sinistar, marble madness, paperboy, Satan's hollow, star wars, frogger, elevator action and a gauntlet.

    There was also a place like that out in Long Island that supplied a bunch of places in the Bronx.

    While they probably rent to businesses normally, most of the businesses only used one or two at a time. Id imagined they'd rent to individuals. The challenge would be finding the one that had that stuff and knowing what was in there since I don't think it's generally in their advertised offerings.

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