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10-20-2021 at 10:46 PM
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I have a few video's on my Youtube channel for other ports which I played in tournaments.
I doubt if they will be good enough for adjudication here, as I edited out the boot up for a better video. As a limited gamer, I thought these games were really good !!
How am I supposed to know which emulators I can use? Atari 400/800 and 7800 for examples.

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  1. Barthax's Avatar

    I highly recommend looking through @Luigi Ruffolo 's submission back catalogue. Not only has he got the widest set of emulators accepted, his boot up ethic to cover the emulator's impactful features is something worth emulating (pun intended).

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  2. kernzyp's Avatar

    Cheers! He has been sniping my records for a while ! :) A great gamer.
    Bed time soon...

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    Are there any Atari 8-bit emu tracks here? I don't see any. I bet I'd love that. Just not the priority (yet?) to go buy the actual hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwdkong

    Are there any Atari 8-bit emu tracks here? I don't see any. I bet I'd love that. Just not the priority (yet?) to go buy the actual hardware.

    Not common but there are several. Accion, Adebar, Analog Man, Arena, Chambers of Zorp, Choplifter!, Cohen's Towers, ECKN+, Exit Watch, Froggie (Ed Fries), K-Razy Shootout, Little Devil, Mario Bros., Millipede, Mirax Force, Mr. Cool, Nuclear Nick, Pengo, Revenge of the Plutonian Flies, Space Invaders, SpeedMaza, Timeslip and Zybex.

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  5. kernzyp's Avatar

    I think allowing us to search for "EMU" in the games list would be a great addition.

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    Is that a possibility, [MENTION=32630]admin staff[/MENTION] ? I don't know how hard it will be or if possible at all, but to find an EMU score to beat, right now, is to scan every track, on every platform.
    Maybe there's a quicker way? I'm not smart at this stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kernzyp

    I'm not smart.



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    He's not jacking. You blew it!

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    That's the one, me old mucker!
    I meant, I know a URL can be manipulated to get the results you require, and hoping someone, NOT you, you duck wanker, to render me with a binary solution !
    Glad you're back, budski! I missed you, because my rifle was bent.

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    And, what? You're not voting on my Track & Field entry, which you already voted on before as a whole game?
    Who's the "Daffy", now?
    Yeah, we cockneys make up new slang, continuously.
    You're a Daffy.
    The new "W" word for TG.
    Glad you understand. ;)

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  13. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    In all honestly there ought to be a filter on each games track listing. If you search up Galaxian you get all the platforms Arcade MAME Apple II and all that. Once you select the platform there should be a drop down to select NTSC PAL EMU format and such. From an implementation standpoint this would take legwork because the format isn’t a discrete field per track. It’s part of the name/description of the track.

    Doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done though.

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