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Posted At : 03-16-2019 at 05:29 AM.

I could see it happening

All the high number record holders here doing would ask @datagod to be my partner, but the whole 0 records on this board thing..

Posted At : 03-10-2019 at 07:15 PM.

Stereo MVS Cable (MV4FT2)

Made a stereo cable for my MVS. It's perfect for Supergun's. Unamplified output so you can let the TV or Stereo handle it.
Planning on making a nice one at some point.

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Posted At : 04-15-2018 at 09:22 AM.

Thoughts on making a record play run

When going for a World Record, there is a lot involved. And I have a lot of fun with this part. Breaking down the game bit by bit, taking notes and really studying each practice run. Trying out new things. It’s lengthy but I’m in no hurry.

That’s why to date I have no

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Posted At : 02-28-2018 at 05:58 PM.

Brook PS3/PS4 - PC/PS2 Converter

Now I've heard of Brook converters for quite some time now, but never actually needed to check them out.

Until recently. I had a USB encoder board that also had connections for PS2. With my PC the stick was fine, however when using with the PS2 after about 10 minutes the nightmare would

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Posted At : 02-25-2018 at 06:26 PM.

New member!

So I've finally done it. For too many years I wanted to be part of Twin Galaxies. TG is legendary in my circles and the arcades I hung out at. More importantly, it's legendary to me.

So this is a very big deal to me. Love the direction the new administration is taking things, and love even

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