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02-28-2018 at 04:58 PM
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Brook PS3/PS4 - PC/PS2 Converter

Now I've heard of Brook converters for quite some time now, but never actually needed to check them out.

Until recently. I had a USB encoder board that also had connections for PS2. With my PC the stick was fine, however when using with the PS2 after about 10 minutes the nightmare would start. Input drops. Noticeable delays. It was beyond annoying.

So my next step was to setup my sticks to be switchable between PC and PS2. But with limited time being in my last semester of college and working, not to mention all the other stuff that occupies my time, I was stuck.

So I hit up Focus Attack where I get all my hardware from, and looked up to see if Brook made USB to PS2. Sure enough they did. I decided to give it a shot.

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(Gotta love how suspect the packaging looks!)

And it worked. It's buttery smooth, no difference from plugging in a normal controller. No lag that I have felt at all, it's quick. Most of all, no drop outs! Plus if you are just a PS2 head in general, you can use wireless PS4 controllers with it.

This is a big deal for a few reasons. Some of my sticks don't have a ton of room for pad hacking or encoder boards, like the RRoydsStick.EX for a perfect example. And for most people, the idea of pad hacking (nevermind multi-padhacks) is out of reach. Or the time constraints.

There is also a MicroUSB connector and a switch to go between XINPUT and PS2. So you can take a your usb cable to the PC and use your PS3/4 controllers on your PC if you want.

It's quick, inexpensive and easy. And the build quality is excellent. Something else nice about this, is the 4 screws. So if you end up busting wires from abuse, you can easily open it and solder in a new PS2 controller cable off a doner.

Yes, I'm making a big deal out of this. This thing got me back in action without any hassle. So I defiantly wanted to share this news. I'm sure someone out there will find this useful.
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  1. Derek's Avatar
    I might be in the market for one these soon, I’ll keep this in mind :)
  2. KidsHeartJP's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Derek
    I might be in the market for one these soon, I’ll keep this in mind :)
    Yes! I'm telling you, it's not some silly amazon/ebay junk. Brook is amazing, but the packaging might scare people away who don't know of them.

    It looks like back in the day when the companies who did the graphics for lipton tea were doing box art for game accessories (Action Replay 4+1 for Saturn is a great example).
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