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04-15-2018 at 08:22 AM
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Thoughts on making a record play run

When going for a World Record, there is a lot involved. And I have a lot of fun with this part. Breaking down the game bit by bit, taking notes and really studying each practice run. Trying out new things. It’s lengthy but I’m in no hurry.

That’s why to date I have no records listed in the TG database.

I want my records to count. I want to set my scores high enough that it would stand for a good length of time. So if someone wants to take me down, they have to work just as hard to do it. I want them to really mean something.

There are a few I’m going to go for. With the first one I plan on submitting, just yesterday I did 4 hours straight. Racked up a ton of lives (9 or so) and then hit one spot at the very end and lost all 9! But this is really a huge part of the fun for me.

I had planned on waiting to submit anything until the TG certificates are back. That might sound silly to some people, but they mean something to me. Yeah! So I’ve got time I’m sure. In the end, no rush.

There is also that whole thing where my first 3 aren’t even on TG right now. But I’ll figure that out once I got these down.

Just looking forward to that day when I can get up on here like the rest of you.

Big respect to everyone on TG
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