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10-26-2021 at 01:37 AM
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playing on amiga and other systems

hello everyone,

how to proceed when playing games on Amiga and other systems? if i play on original hardware do i have to create videos through some grabbing hardware? for example OSSC, or can I also use external camera, mobile and others?

Can I use an emulator to play? for example the amiga winuae emulator, or is there a preferred one that everyone has to use?

Thank you for your answers

  1. Luigi Ruffolo's Avatar

    Hi Lukas. Video evidence is always needed here. So, yes, you have to upload to Twin Galaxies a video of your entire performance, including the boot up of your console or home computer. Don't forget also to show game options (so number of lives, skill level, etc.), hardware, cart/disc, controller, emulator settings (if you played the game on an emulator), etc. The more evidence, the better.

    About how to take the video, the choice is up to you. As I said, showing the boot up of the system is highly recommended, especially for many old platforms, or your submission could need ages to be accepted. So maybe an external camera (even a smartphone or a webcam should be ok) could be a proper solution for Amiga submissions. For NTSC or PAL submissions, you need voters to figure out somehow that you played on real hardware and not on an emulator. I can also personally recommend you OBS Studio (it's free software) for PC and emulation submissions.

    You can't submit under EMU a score achieved on real hardware, and vice versa, here. You can figure out if an existing track was created for emulation purposes if the tag EMU is in the game's description beside its title. You can propose an EMU track, if it doesn't already exist, by clicking on "TG Records" (in the higher part of the screen) and then on "Create a Leaderboard". The process of creating a new track requires submission points. You can earn them by participating in Twin Galaxies' Submission and Adjudication Process (TGSAP), therefore by properly voting other users' submissions. Pay also attention to the NTSC/PAL split, for those platforms where this division exists.

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  2. lasice's Avatar

    thank you for the valuable information :)

  3. onlyinajeep's Avatar

    I have a single Amiga submission, I used a webcam, it passed. Luigi pretty much sums it all up.

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