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Lauren Tyler
03-22-2018 at 08:13 PM
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Suggestions for recording videos.

So yeah, I'd like to start actually recording video footage of games, but I don't really have much in terms of recording equipment. All I have is my phone and a couple of digital cameras. Any suggestions on how I can work with these? Or maybe someone has another idea?

Mind you I'm low on cash right now so don't suggest buying a video camera.
  1. swaggers's Avatar
    The first thing you need is a $6000 VCR.
  2. Lauren Tyler's Avatar
    Very funny!
  3. sdwyer138's Avatar
    I just use my iPhone with a little tripod for it.
  4. GibGirl's Avatar
    Same here, just using my phone with an inexpensive tripod when not playing on the Xbox One (where I just do a stream from the console).

    And before that, it was a laptop camera sitting on a small table.
  5. Pixe Sukola's Avatar
    You could just use your phone providing it has good storage and that the battery is going to last enough in case of a long play.

    If you would like to preserve your gameplay with more quality, definetely go for a direct capture device. The cheapest one is EasyCap and it goes for 9 dollars and it has decent quality. If you can exoend a littel more go for one of those ElGato, which are in the range of the 200 to 400.

    Just kep in mind that if you use direct capture, it is still heavely recommended (demmanded by some) that you show the actual game and the boot up of the console using a hand held camera.

    This is the most convincing package of evidence Ive submitted so far for a score, even the most purist voted yes on this, so I take it as a reference.
  6. EVN's Avatar
    Tripods are expensive new but every time I go to a second hand store there are several for under ten bucks.
  7. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    If you have a digital camera or two, but do NOT have a computer through which to upload the video to TG, you could use your phone as said before but when I use mine I do it through a streaming service (Twitch).

    There are apps that allow you to stream to your Twitch account so you don't have to worry about downloading/uploading to TG. Now that TG has a direct Twitch video link feature, it's the easiest way to go IMO. If you have WiFi it's a great solution.

    EDIT: If you DO have a computer that can interface with your camera/memory card, then just use those. If mounting the camera or phone in a good position to get footage is an issue, you can find a selfie stick for very inexpensive and they usually have the stick part plus a phone mount that's screwed onto it. If you're using a camera and not a phone, unscrew the phone mount and that s crew will go directly into the threaded hole on the bottom of your camera, just like a tripod would. Tape the selfie stick to something like a chair or a lamp stand and voila!
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  8. Max's Avatar
    Explore your cameras first for shooting video, then if still needed, and while you are not currently in a position to spend, consider a webcam should the cameras not give you what you want. Webcams are fairly inexpensive. I would imagine the cameras you already own will work. You can also check out the camera manufacturer websites to see if they have any existing video software available for download.

    As for tripods/sticks etc., while nice, you can also just place a camera/webcam on a small bookshelf or similar piece of furniture near your tv. A stack of books or CDs can give you a better angle if required. Almost all of my recordings are done in this manner. Things like coasters, kitchen shelf liner or small towels work well to keep the camera in place (depending on your environment of course).

    Ideally you'll save files directly to a computer hard drive as you'll be far less likely to have storage issues and it will be easier to upload to TG. While recording to a phone will work, space is always an issue and requires constant oversight as there is nothing worse than recording say, a 20 minute game only to run out of space at 18 minutes and have your phone automatically stop recording.

    Of course, should money become more available in the future, I'll second Swaggers suggestion to pick up a $6,000 VCR at your earliest opportunity. I know Jace recently bought a VCR, though I don't recall how much it cost him.
  9. Lauren Tyler's Avatar
    I think it should be worth mentioning that my television is right by my bed, so I might have to do some moving around of things.
  10. kernzyp's Avatar
    I use my phone, mounted on a selfie stick base, on a tripod I bought on ebay for £5.
    Before then, I had to invent something...
    I cut a dvd case in half 2" from the edge and glued/taped together. Your phone slots in there nicely. Then get a big blob of blue tack, and stick it to a shelf/stand/table/obedient pet and away you go !
    Good luck ;)
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