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Lauren Tyler
12-19-2018 at 02:26 PM
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What does it mean to be 'silenced?'

Saw a user on here who was listed as that. Wondered what it meant?

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  1. SincerelyFranny's Avatar

    "Silenced" means that they can login and view the content of the site, but cannot interact with the community via commenting or reacting.

  2. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Does that mean they're also banned from submitting scores?

  3. lexmark's Avatar

    How long does the "silenced" penalty last for.

    Is it a couple of months or forever?


  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    has "forum restricted" been retired as a status? from what i've seen it looks like "silenced" is just the new "forum restricted".

    forum restricted allowed submission -- as well as the initial submission message, and adjudication voting, but no commenting. basically, a penatly for excessively rude, clutter, spaming users who are not guilty of cheating.

  5. EVN's Avatar

    Are you bored that you have nobody to be outraged at?

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  6. Desidious's Avatar

    It means they should have kept their mouth shut the first few warnings I'm sure.

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