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Lauren Tyler
12-24-2018 at 02:23 PM
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What annoys me about newer versions of WolfMAME...

Is the fact that you can't record INP files from within WolfMAME itself. You have to go to the command prompt and manually type in the recording commands. Why did they take that out??

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    Some versions of MAME allow for recording INPs from the GUI. v.181 lets you. I used that one for a while. Then I started using the command line because it’s actually easier. Easier. When you Esc out of a current run you can just hit the Up cursor and it re-enters what you just typed. Esc / Up / Return is WAY faster and easier than clicking the little red button and typing in the new INP name. Especially when you’re streaming. Nobody wants to see you fumble with the GUI.

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    I never thought of it that way.

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    It's been a long time since I fired up MAME for any actual play but I used to use a batch file which would record the INP with a file name made up of the game name, date and time. I'd use ESC to exit (as above described) and the batch file would zip up the INP as well as any pictures taken and then remove the INP and pics from the file system. If it was a particular achievement in the attempt, I'd rename the Zip file further. Up + enter to start another one. At the end of the session, I could just clean up the Zip files of those I didn't want to keep.

    I've long-since lost interest in playing MAME. I can't rule out getting the itch again in the future. :)

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    Thanks for additional ideas to tune-up my batch file.

    Another version I will then add:

    - zip up pictures in "snap" folder for the "gamename"

    - copy zip file to a "gamerecorded" folder

    - clean up options "Y / N prompts.." to execute or not. This is risky as a player can accidentally press to delete and do not wanted to or wants to replay your gameplay to see where you can learn from past mistakes.

    - added wolfmame version used in case one wants to play it back with the correct version, aka, we can forget which version was used over time

    - The keys press "UP+Enter" is for commandline. (So I keep the "icon method for now)

    Any other ideas, feel free to list more.

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