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Lauren Tyler
01-15-2019 at 10:39 AM
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Thoughts on this: Extra points trick in Popeye for Atari 2600

There's a trick in Popeye where, after collecting at least eight hearts on the first screen and then losing a life, you immediately collect the spinach and then attack Bluto. When this happens, you get over 140,000 points.

Does this seem like an actual cheat to you? Because I'd think achieving a score through this method seems a bit unfair.

  1. Scott S.'s Avatar

    Thanks to Garrett for finally opening a dispute for this:

    It's absolutely a glitch and a very reproducible one. It's been known since 1984:

  2. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    So it's not acceptable anymore?

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    was it ever "acceptable". glitches as far as i can tell where always against the rules unless specifically stated

    would you say mame on arcade used to be acceptable just because billy was allowed to?
    was todd getting impossible digits scores acceptable because he was allowed to?

    i dont think we can look at a ref breaking the rule and conclude that meant it was acceptable just because they got away with it

  4. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    Jeez man cool it. Sounds like someone trying to get answers while a dispute is pending not someone saying anything about previously accepted cheats being ok.

  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    and im trying to answer. the only evidence (to my knowledge ) of it being acceptable before is that it was accepted and i'm just pointing out thats not solid. to say "not acceptable anymore" the anymore absoultely implies it once was acceptable. so i'm neither understanding the "cool it" tone nor am i understandble tone aside the claim noone is saying what i'm responding to.

  6. Snowflake's Avatar

    its also not a pending dispute its a closed out dispute

  7. Scott S.'s Avatar

    Whoever the ref was that accepted it either didn't realize it was a glitch or just accepted the score sight unseen. I don't think the rules for this game have to be amended since any glitch that affects the score isn't allowed by default and the score shouldn't have been accepted for that reason. The dispute was accepted and the score removed. Like I said, I'm not sure why that dispute wasn't opened 2 years ago, or if this score was mentioned in the scoreboard error thread. If not, I'm guessing this wallpost just went unnoticed.

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  8. Snowflake's Avatar

    I didn’t dispute it because I was unsure if there was documentation somewhere the glitch was allowed and then eventually forgot about it I can’t speak for why others didn’t

  9. Snowflake's Avatar

    I also respect Lauren's desire to give the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was allowed, the more i dig up about the past though the less generous i feel about blindly trusting referees (no i'm not saying all were bad, but enough were). However even if some doubt still remains (tought to prove a negative) i can think of some othe disputes

    pacman jr. Knowing what i know now i actualy wouldnt have disputed it. all atari scores used to be on easiest setting, which were later changed to default/1b, which is often but not alwayus the same. pacman jr i now realize was done on easy so the person didnt cheat and the refs didnt mess up (well the verifying ref didnt mess up, the moron that mucked with the settings i'll curse till the die i day for such widespread damage). even still, the rules now force 1b so the score was removed deespite being correctly done at the time

    fast and furious it was found dwayne richard used glitches to get an otherwise impossible time. once proven glitches were used, dwayne commented that at the time everyone was allowed to use it, the score was still removed regardless.

    stitched score on robotron, at first it was moved to a new track allowed stitched scores since the rules of the time allowed it, but after much complaint, the score was outright removed since stitched scores really arent something tg has anything to do with (stitched score meaning when you die you can just start a new game and add all your scores together. you have to think 80s arcade times when it was just fun to have an event where someone would play all day and that made a cool type of marathon. though we dont do that now, you can imagine it being done even today with another hobby, in fact pinball people have told me thats how pinball marathons still work, just wanna see how long you can play for, multiple quarters allowed)

    and of course, thats not even mentioning all the outright proven cheating.

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