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Lauren Tyler
05-11-2020 at 04:13 PM
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Finaly got an 800XL, but the joysticks aren't responding.

I'm really nervous because I waited a little over half a month for this, and to find out the joystick ports are defective would mean I'd have to look for another one online.

Some help here?

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  1. Kelly Kerr's Avatar

    Oh no! That sucks. If you are handy with a multi meter you can check the connection internally. Can’t be much different than servicing a2600. It powers on and everything?

  2. RTM's Avatar

    Back in the day it was possible to use the original 2600 joysticks and nearly all of the 3rd party variant joysticks with the fact you can see one hooked up here -

  3. RTM's Avatar

    Maybe you have to install the Atari 800 version of DOS 2.5 first in order to use the 2600 joystick ?

  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    yes, i have an atari 400 and used an 800xl, its the same joystick. not sure that helps other than let you know it would have the same trouble shooting procedures.

  5. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Did you try with a Genesis controller?

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  6. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    It powers on and all that, but my joysticks don't respond. I've tried my Genesis Controllers, the controllers that came with it, and my Pro-Lines. None of them work with my 800XL. Someone said there may be a problem with the 6520 chip. If that's the case, I'll scream.

  7. redelf's Avatar

    I don't know enough about the atari 800xl but reading the manual and such it says that the joystick ports are read by a 6520 or 6521 PIA chip at location U23. It seems that it should be socketed and if so then you might want to reseat the chip and see if that fixes it. The only other thing you can do is see if someone local might be able to help you with some trouble shooting or they might even have a replacement part.

  8. redelf's Avatar

    If you have a multi meter you can always put a wire into pins 7(+5) and pin 8(gnd) to see if you are at least getting power.

  9. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Where is that chip anyway? If you have a picture that'd be even better.

  10. redelf's Avatar

    You'll have to google it, just type Atari800xl motherboard or Atari800xl schematics.

  11. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Unfortunately, there's a metal frame I can't get off, even with all the screws removed. Unless there's a special trick to removing it, I'm thinking I should just wait for the next one to come.

  12. redelf's Avatar
  13. 90skidJohnny's Avatar
    I would advise against using genesis controllers. The 5v pin doesn't match up and can ... well mess things up. Do you have an Atari 2600 controller to try ?
  14. 90skidJohnny's Avatar
    Also I believe the RF shielding may be soldered on. My 1200xl is like that
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