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05-21-2018 at 11:59 PM
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Where's the shout box gone?

I might have missed the announcement (if there was one) I can't see a shout box at the top of the submission review forum anymore?

john n

  1. stella_blue's Avatar
    Hey John,

    The change, whether temporary or permanent, appears to be deliberate.

    I attempted to access the shoutbox archive (page 1) directly:


    The following message was generated:

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  2. sdwyer138's Avatar
    It is there for me. Though not sure how I can be idle if I just now navigated to the page.

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  3. sdwyer138's Avatar
    ok now it is gone
  4. lexmark's Avatar
    I can see it again now at the top of the FORUMS page.

    I'm also getting the "flagged as idle" notice. What does "idle" mean? Maybe I shouldn't sleep?


  5. sdwyer138's Avatar
    Maybe it is a typo and should really be "idol".
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  6. lexmark's Avatar
    Is the shout box refreshing every 3 seconds for anyone else? This has been happening for a few days now.


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