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07-12-2021 at 01:11 AM
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A copy of Super Mario 64 just sold for $2 million.

Apologies if this has been posted already.


My question is, there must be someone reading this that actually purchased a copy of this game when it was released?

ANYONE remember?

I still have about 20 mint condition Mega Drive games that I purchased when they were released, but certainly all of them were opened and played. (= near zero value)

What's the most expensive game you own? (console)



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  1. Barthax's Avatar

    I'm might be termed a crass purchaser as I value quantity over quality. :D I've definitely forked out ~£45 for a single PS2 game and more for a small bundle (various platforms) but there's no stand-out massive purchase as I can't equate massive purchases as a benefit vs. bills. The PAL version of the PS2 game Rule of Rose is in my collection, as is a mint Atari 2600 PAL BMX AirMaster - they're apparently "worth" something, I believe.

    For systems, I'll mull over the sorts of pricing that's available for months before taking the plunge. I think the most I've spent on a single system (including current gen) will have been the Grandstand Channel F (UK release of the Fairchild Channel F) at around £300 - a decent slice of history to own at a moment I felt I could afford it that much monetary frivolity & soon realised it was a little more than I should have.

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  2. Fly's Avatar

    Playstation 1 Elemental Gearbolt Assassins Case. With game, Gold Guncon, Gold Memory Card and letter congratulating me for winning it.

    I turned down a $5,000 offer recently. I passed the seller to a friend that has one and he declined to sell for 5k as well.


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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    if your question about anyone remmeber purchase price, internet might be more reliable than memory, i remember it was a round number and either 60 or 70. i remember thinking "wow nes for 40 snes 50 now n64 is 60 i'm out" or maybe my memory was off and add 10 to everything. i know snes games tended to be $10 more new than nes games were new, and then n64 games were 10 more than that. but i forget if nes games were typically 40 or 50

    as for most expsenive i own, well sometimes you get surprised. i would've thought it was my chronotrigger, but then one day i saw a $20 game of lucienne's quest going for $800 complete i thought for sure the dealer was crazy. got home looked it up and it was true. i believe the price has dropped considerably since, but the point remains, your most expensive game may be some obscure game noone cared about that precisely due to its obscurity became rare and now expensive

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  4. Ninglendo's Avatar

    Im kind of skeptical of these things since the SMB CIB that sold recently which the article mentions but doesn't go into detail. A group of investors bought the game and put it in auction only for the same group to buy it at the auction. Basically, they put it up for sale and bought the game at a crazy price just so they could say "Hey, it's worth that much cause that's what it sold in auction." The fact the buyer isnt known makes me suspect it could be another one of those situations.

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  5. lexmark's Avatar

    Thanks for the replies. I d like to comment on some interesting things you have all said but don't have time. Instead I'm giving you all a "like" :)



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  6. ThunderFist's Avatar

    Mine is probably Keio Flying Squadron for Sega CD, which currently sells for over $3,000 complete.

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  7. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Barthax

    Atari 2600 PAL BMX AirMaster - they're apparently "worth" something, I believe.

    Really? Do you know if the NTSC version is worth something as well? I have maybe 10 of those new and sealed.

  8. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    I'm guessing my most expensive games are:

    - Purina Chase the Chuck Wagon for the Atari 2600, they are between $200 and $300 dollars depending on the state of it. I own 4 of those and I believe I'm the only one in the world that owns that many copies of it.

    - Disney's Sports Basketball for the Gamecube, they are aprox $200 dls, I have 2 of those.

    - Caltron 6 in 1 for the NES. New and sealed, I recently sold that one tho', for $600 dls. There is a guy on ebay selling his sealed copy for $2,500.

    I had many many more rare titles, but I sold about 80% of my whole collection 5 years ago, when I was building my house and needed a lot of money.

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  9. sdwyer138's Avatar

    I guess either Sega Saturn Bomberman or Sega CD Earthworm Jim, they both seem to be around the same price right now. Both for sale if anybody is interested.

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