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10-20-2018 at 02:25 PM
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Wall Entry at 10-20-2018 05:21 PM

Been watching some of the Record submissions. Well Done all.

It reminded me I paid for a WR Certificate.

Has anyone ordered a current one?

How long did it take ?

Thank you.

  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    not to pour salt in the wound but @swaggers has voiced complaints with this. He could tell you how long, but i believe he paid months ago only to keep hearing "you'll get it shortly sorry for the delay" (paraphrased not exact wording). So yes people have ordered but I dont think anyone has recieved yet. I also want to add as a personal note everything i'm saying here is to be taken literally there is no between the lines snips at TG I fully believe they will honor the bargain and that the site will continue to get better.

  2. swaggers's Avatar

    It will be 5 months next week with many many many dates come and gone with no information until someone (typically me) asks for a update. Last update was just whenever. They seem to have stopped even trying to guess how long it takes to print a piece of paper and put it in the mail. Did you use points or money?

  3. Lonnie's Avatar

    Paid for it.

  4. Lonnie's Avatar
    I see there was an update from Jace.
    Have we seen a date?
  5. Lonnie's Avatar
    Update- still waiting
    No communication on when it will arrive.

    @Jace Hall
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