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12-07-2018 at 09:38 PM
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A curiosity question ?

Has Guinness World Records ever recognized an emulation such as MAME or others as a World Record?

I recall being able to see in the database listing before with a GWR logo on the 1st place scores.
I don't see them now ?
  1. John73's Avatar

    I thought they had. I've only bought one edition of Guinness Gamers and that was 2016, and no mention of MAME or emulation.

    I haven't seen the very latest edition, by all reports, Twin Galaxies was largely ignored.

    They seem to care more about modern and casual gaming rather than the games that started started it all :(

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  2. datagod's Avatar

    Guinness is old news.

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    i'm dont know much about guiness, but dont they also take scores froom speedrun.com, and doesnt speedrun merge emulators with original hardware? if the answer to both is yes (and i believe it is) then at least indirectly guiness must've awarded some emulated runs but perhaps didnt bother to explicitly say it was on emulation.

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  4. Lonnie's Avatar
    Interesting observation- do they know they've included emulation?

    Can you list one?

    Also to clarify - I thought Twin Galaxies actually used the GWR logo on TG scores that GWR used. I recall these in TGs database.
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