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Luigi Ruffolo
10-17-2020 at 12:20 AM
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About Commando and Who Dares Wins I & II

Steve Wilcox from Elite talks (extracted from Retro Gamer).

“Imagine the situation. You’ve just done a significant deal with Capcom to bring Commando to home computers and then you clap eyes on Alligator Software’s Who Dares Wins. It looks the same as Commando, it plays the same; even the layout of levels are similar. Best of all, this uncanny clone was on sale before Commando!

“We felt that if Who Dares Wins came out before we got Commando to market it would certainly take some of the shine off our product,” says Steve, smiling about the situation now. “We contacted Alligata and made them aware that we held the rights to the Commando license, and they basically told us to get lost!

We sought a bit of legal advice on what our options were and we were advised to go to the High Court and obtain an injunction to prevent sales of the game. The court found in our favour and granted us something called an Anton Piller Order. We then had to contact the local sheriff, which was a completely bizarre thing to be doing in the 1980s, and tell him that we’d been granted one of these archaic orders which required him to assemble a posse! And over the course of one weekend, the local sheriff and a group of his merry men, armed with this Anton Piller Order, went over to Alligata’s offices in Sheffield and literally sealed them off! The Alligata guys turned up for work on Monday morning and found that their entire warehouse full of this Who Dares Wins game had been sequestered.

“But being the canny lot that they were, Alligata took a bit of advice itself and discovered that if they changed the product, then the specific order we’d got would no longer apply. So in fairly short order they popped up with a game called Who Dares Wins II, which as far as I recall didn’t differ a whole lot from Who Dares Wins except that the commando in the game had a blue beret as opposed to a green one. But it bought us a few weeks and Commando successfully made it to market before Who Dares Wins II.”

Who Dares Wins I was actually on sale for a very brief period.

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  1. francoisadt's Avatar

    How did the sales do between the original Commando vs clones?

  2. Luigi Ruffolo's Avatar

    It's difficult to know it precisely, I guess. Commando sold very well for sure, licence was very strong at the time, I can remember it on all the charts published by the magazines. WDW2 probably was a minor hit.

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