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Luigi Ruffolo
11-07-2020 at 08:38 AM
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    It has been a trend in emulation to steadily remove the hard-coding of how the emulator functions into abstracts that are portable across platforms & IDEs. Good to see this is design-first coding.

    Even now, I believe, there still isn't an emulator which "switches on" the emulator at the power-button and emulates the sequence of events (not all machines give power to the CPUs first) - most emulators still concentrate their design on how the CPU functions first and then bolt on anything that isn't already covered (cart access, etc.). Emulators are great nostalgia machines but are still a long way from implementing full machinery (MAME is making strides in the simulation/emulation divide such as discrete circuits but MAME is a very big wheel to turn in a new direction).

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