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Luigi Ruffolo
03-14-2021 at 02:45 PM
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    Yeah, the ordering system for this game wasn't good, several people had issues.

    Still, I think, via a Guardian Angel, I may have secured a VIP package, instead of the Deluxe I had to settle for.

    The Game looks great-I've heard pro's and con's about it, I try not to think too deep, we are only seeing snippets, but I think it'll be a fun play, "2600 Gaming", with a little more modern tech pushing it, but it's still "only" going to be Atari 2600(that's a positive statement, from my eyes, BTW).

    Really looking forward to the next one, Casey's Gold-I dunno. For all I know, it's a pool of a thousand(probably not), but I'm actually going to get to be a "complete game" playtester on that one, long story, might tell it eventually!

    Basically...for my Atari buds, and anyone who follows my "foolishness", with the collecting, different obsessions-one of the original game designers for Activision is actually talking to me a bit on email(think Crackpots...), seems super nice, and...this is just one of those days where I am shaking my head, thinking "how do I deserve any of this", and "how the hell did all this happen".

    I hope the new Standard sticks, Audacity, I'm glad they seem to want to keep the rainbows involved, but in my "old school", "pretend fantasy" World-

    I'm a playtester for the "New Activision".

    I've had long dreams before, but if I wake up tomorrow and it's a couple days after Christmas, I wouldn't be surprised, there's no way this is real. Not for me.


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