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Luigi Ruffolo
05-21-2021 at 10:45 PM
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What NES development looks like on the Apple II

«These days, if you want to code a game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, it’s about as easy as downloading an assembler, firing up Notepad, and running the ROMs you cook up in any one of a variety of emulators. In the 1980s none of those things existed, and the process was a little more complicated – as demonstrated by [Tyler Barnes] in the video embedded below».

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    Thank you Luigi, this is a very cool video. We used these computers in high school. I had no idea they were used for NES development. It makes sense though. You always need a system to build other systems.

    I asked the Robotron creator Eugene Jarvis what he used and he said it was a PDP-11 with some sort of graphics capability and an emulator. When they were happy with the code they would burn a rom (EPROM) and test it out on the actual arcade hardware.

    We used a PDP-11 in high school for programming class as it was retired from the main office (it was old).

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